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Step-by-Step guide to prepare for B.Com (Hons.) campus placements

Campus placements offer significant opportunities to students who are eager to work under reputed companies. It is crucial for students to find and collect all the required information well in advance so that they can choose wisely. Recruiters from top companies look for confident, well-spoken and skilled students at the Best B.Com Honours college in Dehradun for Placement. It’s always best for students to take some time out and think before making the final choice for their career. It is advisable for students to have a well-drafted resume. He/she should add about the internships they have done, certificates and extracurricular activities should also be included in the resume to make it suitable. The resume is supposed to be clear, clean and brief as recruiters don’t have enough time to go through all the things. The resume should be updated regularly with necessary changes.

Here is a step by step guide for students pursuing B.Com honours on how to prepare for campus placements.

1. Prepare a strong resume/CV: Presenting a well-informed resume is your first step to make a good impression to the recruiters. Hence, one must include all the projects performed and training underwent at the Best B com Honours Colleges in Uttarakhand in the resume. This gives an impression of being familiar to the professional world and also represents your dedication and sincerity towards work.

2. Study well for aptitude test: Another hurdle that one has to succeed in is to clear the aptitude test while sitting for campus placements. These tests are very much similar to the entrance tests that one gives to enter into any course like CAT, MAT etc. Aptitude tests are based on analytical & quantitative skills, reasoning and logic, data interpretation and subjective knowledge. One can easily clear the aptitude test by solving as many practice papers as they can. Students must prepare a schedule to study, revise and solve all the problematic questions.

3. Study company’s profile: It is very important to know, which company will be visiting your college so that you can read about the company’s profile. This will give students of the Best B com Honours Colleges in India an idea about the vision and mission of the company and will also help them in knowing the expectations of the company from its employees. All these things will help students during the interview round.

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4. Dress up well: Students should always dress up in formals when appearing for any campus placements at the Best B.Com Honours college in Dehradun for Placement. If students have a college uniform, then it is suggested that they should wear that otherwise, they should wear something fully formal. Whatever one wears must be neat and well ironed. Grooming is another necessary factor that should be considered. Clean shave, least makeup and neatly combed hair is a must. Always remember that you are sitting for an interview that will decide your future career.

5. Prepare well for Group Discussion: Group discussion is comparatively a more challenging and important round. This is the round where an individual has to showcase his/her verbal skills, knowledge and ideas, listening skills, leadership and coordination capabilities among other necessary skills. Students of the Best B com Honours Colleges in Uttarakhand should research well and work on some tips related to group discussion. He/she must prepare on some common topics that can be asked during the GD round. An individual is expected to share his/her point of view on the topic but should not give vague answers.

6. Personal Interview: Personal interview is the last and final step where recruiters check students personal as well as professional skills. One should prepare for the same by looking out for some interview questions online. Preparing a list about your likes and dislikes, weakness and strengths etc helps a lot in answering during an interview. Checking companies websites to know what type of question they ask during an interview will be helpful in gaining some knowledge and confidence. Body language is another important aspect that one should work on. One must learn to maintain a proper body posture. While going for a personal interview at Best B com Honours Colleges in India, an individual should walk in with a smile, with a straight backbone and shoulder to show your confidence. Sitting up straight throughout the interview to show your dedication and interest will show you sincerity to the recruiters.

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