Tula’s Institute takes pride in exhibiting a state of art auditorium, located at the heart of the campus. It has been constructed keeping in mind the smallest of details and is well equipped with the latest technology. It portraits a perfect example of modern Architecture and is certainly one of its kind in the entire Northern India. As a result of the world-class infrastructure Tula’s Institute over the years has been ranked among the ‘Top 10 engineering college in Uttarakhand’.


Tula’s Institute is one of the best engineering colleges in Dehradun which provides best hostel life; the hostel atmosphere forms an essential part of the young budding engineers and management graduates. 6 hostels are located in Tula’s campus, out of which 4 are boy’s hostel and 2 are girl’s hostel.



Availability of 24Hrs Wi-Fi internet access in the campus with 4mbps speed and Comprehensive e-learning environment provided in the campus, enables all the students and faculty members to be connected with each other which is essential for effective learning.


With over 55000 volumes library is a veritable powerhouse of knowledge. It provides a vast and constantly updated resource to its students to ensure their overall development. The aim of the Library is to serve the needs of Tula’s faculty, Research Scholars, Students and Members of the Library. In terms of infrastructure, Tula’s Institute has time and again been a preferred destination for students from across the country for it has been rated by various independent surveys amongst the ‘Top 10 Engineering colleges in Dehradun’. Library at Tula’s is no exception for we believe that it is the heart of the institution and acts as a center of knowledge for varied subjects.



Information Technology is unarguably the defining force of this millennium, and Tula’s Institute is poised to break new ground as the most e-enabled Engineering cum Business School in Uttarakhand. Wireless technology has emerged as a vital and indispensable means of communication in the twenty first century. Irrespective of the size of an organization, its efficient running depends a lot upon the presence of proper networking systems that enables both the students and faculty to access vital data and information easily at the click of a button.