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Bachelor of Computer Application commonly referred to as BCA is an undergraduate degree in computer application and programming. It is a three-year programme for candidates who aspire to delve into the world of computer languages. A BCA degree is one of the most popular courses that help students to make their ways into the field of Information Technology (IT), as the program gives its candidates an insight into the world of computers and its applications.

The course aims to fulfil the following objectives:

To provide a sound understanding to its students in the key areas of computer science and application.
To provide them with professional competence concerning the developing of software.
To help its learners develop practical skills to solve an array of problems that could be encountered in the programming and application of computers.


  • To become centre of excellence in software development and research.


  • Induce ethical values and spirit of social commitment.
  • Provide a learning ambience to enhance innovations and problem solving skills.
  • To provide a comprehensive education, benchmarked against the highest global standards.
  • Collaborate with software industry and adopting technology for achieving quality of technical education.
  • Promote research based projects / activities in the emerging areas of technology convergence.

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  1. PEO1 : Evolve as globally competent computer professionals possessing leadership skills for developing innovative solutions in multidisciplinary domains.
  2. PEO2 : Excel as socially committed individual having high ethical values and empathy for the needs of society.
  3. PEO3 : Become an entrepreneur who can provide solutions and develop applications and software products for enterprise needs.
  4. PEO4 : Involve in lifelong learning to adapt the technological advancements in the emerging areas of computer applications.
  1. PO1 - Take Thinking : Take informed action after identifying the assumptions that frame our thinking and action, checking out the degree to which these assumptions are accurate and valid, and looking at our ideas and decisions (intellectual, organizational, and personals) from different perspectives.
  2. PO2 - Effective Communication : Speak, read, write and listen clearly in person and thought electronics media in English and in one Indian Language, and make meaning of the world by connecting people, ideas, book, media and technology.
  3. PO3 - Social Interaction : Elicit views of others, mediate disagreements and help reach conclusion in group settings.
  4. PO4 - Effective Citizenship : Demonstrate empathetic social concern and equity national development, and the ability to act with an informed awareness of issues and participate in civic life through volunteering.
  5. PO5 - Ethics : Recognize different values system including your own, understand the moral dimension of your decisions, and accept responsibility for them.
  6. PO6 - Environment and Sustainability : Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development.
  7. PO7 - Self-Directed and Life-Long Learning : Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context socio-technologies changes.
  1. PSO 1 : Ability to build and perform career in data management and support IT industry.
  2. PSO 2 : Develop skills to design industry software and applications.
BCA course structure is considered to be at par with other lucrative degrees such as B. Tech/BE in the world of Computer Science or Information Technology. It helps interested students in building a sound academic base for an advanced career in the field. The basic course curriculum of BCA essentially emphasizes database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, computer architecture, web technology and languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java etc. With the IT industry taking over the entire nation, there is a huge demand for certified BCA graduates in the market. Therefore, these candidates are flooded with booming employment opportunities both in the private as well public sector.

A degree in BCA helps to prepare its students to make their ways into the IT (Information Technology) industries as system designers, analysts, programmers, among many others. This course, therefore; focuses on imparting inclusive knowledge with equal importance to both theoretical as well as practical learning. Tula’s Institute is a private BCA college in Dehradun, which offers a three-year BCA Program to its students. The course is affiliated to Sri Dev Suman University and ensures the right blend of theoretical knowledge coupled with practical learning for its students. BCA course is divided into six semesters and students are encouraged to undergo a winter internship/research project as a part of their academic regime at the end of the third semester.

As one of the best colleges for BCA in Dehradun, Tula’s Institute encourages its students to hone their skills by endowing them with a good amount of experience in the real, corporate sector. It eventually aims to become the greatest centre of excellence concerning software development and research by providing its students with the best of everything. Tula’s Institute has one of the most active placement cells in Uttarakhand to ensure that its students have an ample amount of employment opportunities after the successful completion of their degrees.

This top BCA college in Dehradun aims to broaden the scope of learning by conducting insightful guest lectures, seminars and workshops on various relevant topics as a regular part of its course. Additionally, a lot of research-oriented projects and activities in the upcoming areas of IT are conducted to keep up with the latest trends and also pioneer new ways of operating. The course ensures a comprehensive understanding of the entire gamut of topics under the field of computer science, including ethical hacking, GIS, software testing and development, networking, IT support, cloud computing among many others.

In an attempt to contribute to the overall development of the students, Tula’s Institute supplements it degree in BCA with the learning of soft skills such personality development, communication and presentation skills, time management etc. These skills account for a significant part of the students ‘academic regime and also prepares them to take on more challenging roles in the future. Hence, it is safe to say that Tula’s has done everything in its power to helps its students with everything they need to excel in their careers, making this academic centre one of the best BCA colleges in Dehradun.

1. BCA 3 years

Passed XII with Maths or equivalent course in any discipline from any recognized Board / Council / University with minimum 45% marks for general (open) category and 40% marks for students of SC and ST category.


BCA 101 Programming in ‘C’
BCA 102 Fundamental of Computers
BCA 103 Mathematical foundation of Computer Science
BCA 104 Business Communications
BCAP 11 Programming in ‘C’
BCAP 12 PC Packages (Introduction to Operating system & MS Office)


BCA 201 Data Structure & File Organization
BCA 202 Programming in C++
BCA 203 System Analysis and Design
BCA 204 Digital Electronics
BCAP 21 Data Structure & File Organization
BCAP 22 Programming in C++


BCA 301 Computer Based Numerical Techniques
BCA 302 Data Base Management System
BCA 303 Theory of Computation
BCA 304 Organization Structure and Personnel Management
BCAP 31 Computer Based Numerical Techniques
BCAP 32 Data Base Management System


BCA 401 Operating system Organization & UNIX
BCA 402 Visual Basic Programming
BCA 403 Software Engineering
BCA 404 Data Communication & Computer Networks
BCAP 41 Operating System Organization & UNIX
BCAP 42 Visual Basic Programming


BCA 501 Computer Graphics
BCA 502 Web Programming using JAVA
BCA 503 Management Information System
BCA 504 .NET Technology
BCAP 51 Web Programming using JAVA
BCAP 52 .NET Technology


BCA 601 .Net Framework
BCA 602 Network Security
BCAP 61 .NET Framework
BCASM Seminar
BCAPR Project
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Email id: mca.hod@tulas.edu.in
Ph. D., M. Tech., MCA, M. Sc.
Prof. & HOD,
Computer Application

Greetings! On behalf of the faculty members, staff, and students of the Department of Computer Application at Tula’s Institute, Dehradun, I welcome you all to the creative world of computer application. The Department has a team of well qualified and experienced faculty members. The Department lays maximum stress on student outcomes through industry based curriculum, effective teaching learning methods and counselling of students through Mentor-Mentee Program.

I believe the computer application discipline has been widely recognized as an essential source and technique for the advancements in software industry. We prepare our students to meet increasing global challenges of ever evolving technologies so as to make them acceptable to both industries and higher institution of learning. In Tula’s Institute all the students get the opportunity to excel in their academic activities.


Name:- Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Education:-Ph. D., M. Tech. CSE, MCA, M. Sc. CS

Experience:- 15 Yrs.

Designation:- Professor & Head of Department


Name:- Mr. Shubham Gupta

Education:-  M. Tech.

Experience:- 01 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 02

Name:- Ms. Sakshi Koli

Education:-B. Tech.(IT) + M.Tech(CS)

Experience:- 2.5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 02

Name:- Ms. Richa Mishra

Education:- M. Tech (CSE)

Experience:- 3.5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 01

Name:- Ms. Rashmi Mishra

Education:- M. Tech. IT

Experience:- 3.5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 09

Name:- Ms. Diksha Arya

Education:- M. Tech. (IT), B. Tech. (IT)

Experience:- 1 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 02

Name:- Ms. Vandana Bansala

Education:- M.C.A

Experience:- 7 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 01

Name:- Ms. Monika Belwal

Education:- M. Tech. CSE

Experience:- 2 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 02


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