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Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is one of the most widely pursued courses in a business and trade dominated country like India. This three-year professional graduate course enables the students to familiarize with the basic concepts of Business and Management. Tula’s Institute is a Top Private BBA College in Dehradun that offers this three-year management graduate course that is affiliated to Sri Dev Suman University.

Tula’s Institute is Dehradun’s best college for BBA where the syllabus for BBA is well designed and up to date with the developments in the business and management world. Apart from well researched theoretical knowledge of the subjects, students are also encouraged to participate in group discussions and case studies.

BBA students at Tula’s Institute – a top BBA college in Dehradun are trained to be the leaders and given complete knowledge of management. Bachelors of Business Administration is very helpful for students looking forward to pursuing an MBA. The degree benefits those who wish to excel in management-related career. BBA teaches students various aspects that are necessary for effective business management.


  • To evolve successful business leaders and entrepreneurs with social responsibility and global outreach.


  • To prepare the students for dynamic business environment through quality educational programs.
  • To contribute to human capital requirement in society and industry by augmenting the employability of students.
  • To cultivate the symbiotic relation with industry and other organizations for all round development of the students.
  • To sensitize the students towards value based and socially responsible behaviour as a business leader and entrepreneur.

Choose The Tula’s Experience

  1. PEO1 : Analyse complex data, understanding the financial implications of managerial dcision-making.
  2. PEO2 : Develop knowledge of the fundamentals of Management theory and its application in problem solving.
  3. PEO3 : Acquire competencies to meet global market needs in the area of banking, finance, marketing and international business along with producing corporate managers.
  1. PO1 : To be able to apply the management domain knowledge to solve routine and specific business problems.
  2. PO2 : To develop capability of analysing and critical thinking to take informed and real time data based decisions.
  3. PO3 : To foster the technological knowhow to solve business and management related problems in technologically driven environment.
  4. PO4 : To be able to take leadership positions based on ethical, value driven, sustainable, holistic and entrepreneurial approach.
  5. PO5 : To develop various managerial and entrepreneurial skills for catering to the local and global business scenarios.
  6. PO6 : To imbibe and practice the different domain knowledge and develop skills required for specialized functional areas
  1. PSO 1 : Analyse complex data , understanding the financial implications of managerial decision making.
  2. PSO 2 : Students will be able to perform business analytics using tools such as spreadsheets.
  3. PSO 3 : Students will analyse business management for domestic and international organisation.

The students are allowed to acquire an intensive study of business and management subjects. Studying this course at Tula’s Institute under the observance of highly qualified teachers gives students a different perspective. The facilities provided at the campus help the students to focus better on their studies. Tula’s Institute, a reputed top institute for BBA in Dehradun, organizes various seminars and workshops to encourage student interaction with esteemed personalities.

After finishing this course various job opportunities are open for the students in the industrial world. The students can go for jobs in MNCs etc or can establish their start-up. Pursuing BBA admission in Dehradun at Tula’s Institute provides full support to the students and offers the best campus placement in Dehradun.

Job Opportunities

There are several employment opportunities where BBA graduates can get good jobs. BBA graduates can get jobs as executive trainees or management trainees with any of the sectors mentioned below:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Consultancy
  • FMCG
  • IT Companies
  • Global Resourcing
1. BBA 3 years

Passed XII or equivalent course in any discipline from any recognized Board / Council / University with minimum 45% marks for general (open) category and 40% marks for students of SC and ST category.


BBA 101 PPM Principles and Practice of Management
BBA 102 CAB Computer Applications in Business
BBA 103 Business Communication
BBA 104 Financial Accounting
BBA 105 Business Economics


201 Marketing Management
202 Human Resource Management
203 Business Environment
204 Production Management
205 Business Finance


301 International Business
302 Organizational Behaviour
303 Business Laws
304 Accounting For Management
305 Quantitative Analysis


401 Company Law
402 Research Methodology
403 Logistics Management
404 Marketing of Services
405 Consumer Behaviour


501 Business Policy and Strategy
502 Entrepreneurship and Small Business
503 Project and Project Presentation/Seminar
M-2 Marketing Communication and Advertising
M-03 Sales and Distribution management
H-1 Industrial Relations
H-2 Training and Development
F-2 Working Capital Management
F-3 Financial Institutions and Markets


601 Management Information System
602 Project Management
M-1 International Marketing
M-3 Rural Marketing
H-1 Human Resource Planning and Development
H-3 Social Security and Labour Welfare
F-1 International Financial Management
F-2 Management of Financial Service
Dr Ranit Kishore

Email id: mba.hod@tulas.edu.in
Head of the Department,
Graduate School of Business.

Business Administration today is an essential need to have a foothold in any department of an enterprise like finance, human resources, marketing, foreign trading etc. We prepare our students for the present global structure of the business world. The students are taught under the leadership of highly skilled and efficient individuals to be the finest in their fields. We don’t just concentrate on enhancing managerial proficiency but overall personality development of the students.


Name:- Dr. Pankaj Tiwari

Education:- Ph.D, MBA, UGC-NET

Experience:- 12 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 10

Name:- Ms. Priya Sharma

Education:- BBA, MBA, PGDHRM, Ph.D. (P)

Experience:- 7 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 1

Name:- Mr. Ashutosh Sharma

Education:- MBA,BCOM

Experience:- 6 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 04

Name:- Mr. Abhishek Chaukiyal

Education:- M.B.A. M.Com.

Experience:- 1 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Devesh Joshi

Education:- MCOM, MBA, LLB

Experience:- 7 Yrs(IND), 4,5 Yrs.(ACAD)

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Ms. Soniya Jain

Education:- B.Sc, MBA Gold medallist), PGDHRM

Experience:- 7.5 Yrs

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 01

Name:- Mr. Raminder Pal Singh

Education:- B.Tech MBA

Experience:- 5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Anupam Nautiyal

Education:- B.Sc IT,MBA

Experience:- 4 Years Teaching, 2 Years Corporate

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 01

Name:- Mr. Sonal Bahuguna

Education:- MBA,B.com

Experience:- 2 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Swati Sharma


Experience:- 6 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Emmanuel Elgin Gabriel

Education:- BBA, MBA, Phd pursuing (Finance)

Experience:- 6 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 02 in Scopus

Name:- Mr. Adil Zaidi

Education:- BBA, MBA (Marketing)

Experience:- 3.5 Yrs in academics, 2 Yrs in Corporate

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Megha Ahuja

Education:- B.Com., M.Com., PGDBA(Finance), B.Ed., UGC Net qualified, IPTE (from Finland), MBA (Educational Leadership) (from Finland)

Experience:- 5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Anchal Chauhan

Education:- MBA

Experience:- 3.5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor


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