Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is designed keeping in mind the needs of the bright students who are looking for a career in entrepreneurship, management profession or towards higher education in business administration. This program is open to the students with diverse educational background including, humanities, science, arts and commerce.  However, being a program with challenging curricula and contents, it is accessible mainly to those students who have excellent academic record and high potential for success. BBA degree helps students to build managerial skills and prepares them for business administration positions by adopting some of the specialization subjects that are most sought-after in the business world.

Bachelor in Business Administration degree is the gateway to numerous job opportunities in a multitude of sectors like Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales, and Government & Private. The BBA program offers education and training in management and leadership skills to prepare students for managerial roles and entrepreneurship. Students learn multiple aspects of business management through lectures, practical projects, internships, hands on workshops and symposiums etc.

The BBA curriculum is designed by Academia and Industry experts in such a way that the students get ample industry exposure and training. It helps student to prepare for real-world experiences and reach smart business conclusions through empirical analysis, such as planning on how an organization operates day-to-day in the face of ongoing changes and challenges.

The basic goal of this program is to:

  • Understand and implement concepts related to local and global business
  • Discuss, and apply regulatory and ethical practices
  • Enhance research, communication, and presentation skills using professional literature
  • Demonstrate a combination of knowledge and professional skills.


  • Fully equipped modern amphitheater kind classrooms for better reach and visibility.
  • 200+ alumni network in various startups, Entrepreneurships, governmental and blue-chip companies.
  • 50+ placement opportunities given during the semester.
  • research articles and papers in journals of repute.
  • MoU’s with various companies to assist students in their needs of training, placement and internships.
  • Collaborative and integrative pedagogy helps to adopt concepts quickly. 
  • Interaction based ‘Flipped Classroom’ Learning Methodology.
  • Comprehend the theories and techniques used in successful organizations using “Case Based” Teaching pedagogy.
  • Prepare students for entrepreneurship and employment
  • PO1: Apply the management domain knowledge to solve routine and specific business problems.
  • PO2: Develop capability of analysing and critical thinking to take informed and real time data
    based decisions.
  • PO3: Foster the technological know how to solve business and management related problems in
    technologically driven environment.
  • PO4: Ability to take leadership positions based on ethical, value driven, sustainable, holistic and
    entrepreneurial approach.
  • PO5: Develop various managerial and entrepreneurial skills for catering to the local and global
    business scenarios.
  • PO6: Imbibe and practice the different domain knowledge and develop skills required for
    specialized functional areas.
  • PSO1: To analyse complex data, understanding the financial implications of managerial decision making.
  • PSO2: To be able to perform business analytics using tools such as spreadsheets.
  • PSO3: To analyse business management for domestic and international organisation.
  • PEO1: To provide value based professional education to management aspirants.
  • PEO2: To prepare learners to address the managerial challenges.
  • PEO3: To prepare young minds with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service.
  • PEO4: To develop and promote entrepreneurial mindset among learners.


  • To pave the way for business administration, amalgamating human capital development, research  and innovation with strong commitment towards society.


1. To equip proteges with a comprehensive set of analytical, technical and behavioral skills to navigate global business dynamism.

2. To foster a culture of innovation and ethical practices encouraging individuals to be professional and responsible value creators for the society and stakeholders.

3. To nurture entrepreneurial mind sets of aspirants by unleashing enterprising skills, opportunities and facilities.

4. To contribute for sustainable future by industrial and institutional collaboration for contemporary research settings.

5. To cultivate strong leadership traits among learners by bridging the gap between theory and practices through real world learning experiences.

Admission Eligibility

  • Passed XII or equivalent course in any discipline from any recognized Board / Council / University with minimum 45% marks for general (open) category and 40% marks for students of SC and ST category.


BBA 101 PPMPrinciples and Practice of Management
BBA 102 CABComputer Applications in Business
BBA 103Business Communication
BBA 104Financial Accounting
BBA 105Business Economics


201Marketing Management
202Human Resource Management
203Business Environment
204Production Management
205Business Finance


301International Business
302Organizational Behaviour
303Business Laws
304Accounting For Management
305Quantitative Analysis


401Company Law
402Research Methodology
403Logistics Management
404Marketing of Services
405Consumer Behaviour


501Business Policy and Strategy
502Entrepreneurship and Small Business
503Project and Project Presentation/Seminar
M-2Marketing Communication and Advertising
M-03Sales and Distribution management
H-1Industrial Relations
H-2Training and Development
F-2Working Capital Management
F-3Financial Institutions and Markets


601Management Information System
602Project Management
M-1International Marketing
M-3Rural Marketing
H-1Human Resource Planning and Development
H-3Social Security and Labour Welfare
F-1International Financial Management
F-2Management of Financial Service

Name:- Dr Ranit Kishore

Education:- B.Com, MBA , Ph.D.

Experience:- 23 Years

Designation: – Dean

Specialization: Marketing and Information Technology

Patents : 1

Publications:- 22+ Publications in High indexed Scopus and ABDC rating journals.


Name:- Emmanuel Elgin Gabriel

Education:- MBA, Ph.D.(P)

Experience:- 7 Years

Designation: –  Assistant Professor

Specialization: Finance and Marketing

Publications:-  2


Name:- Anupam Nautiyal

Education:- MBA, PhD (P)

Experience:- 7 years

Designation: –  Assistant Professor

Specialization: MBA HR

Publications:- 01


Name:- Megha Ahuja

Education:- MBA (Educational Leadership) from Finland, M.Com., PGDBA (Finance), IPTE from Finland

 Experience:-  6+ yrs.

Designation: – Assistant Professor (Finance)

Specialization: Finance


Name:- Sonal Bahuguna

Education:- MBA, PhD(P)

Experience:- 3 years

Designation: – Assistant professor

 Specialization: Finance and Marketing



Name:- Bharat Bhusan

Education:- MBA, Ph.D.(P)

Experience:- 1 year

Designation: – Assistant Professor

Specialization: HRM


  • A Versatile degree
  • Personal Development
  • Gateway to number of job opportunities in various fields of management
  • Gives in-depth knowledge of business at the earliest stage of career
  • Trains well in various qualities like entrepreneurial, leadership and management
  • Global accepted degree course with wide range of possibilities
  • Dearth of management graduates in middle east, Europe and Canadian countries
  • Course acts as a precursor to management studies, and hence, it is updated regularly to incorporate major developments in the business world.
  • Kick Start to a global, reputed and overgrowing career.

At the point when various sorts of co-curricular exercises are incorporated at the everyday schedule level, their fundamental objective is to contribute towards an overall improvement of the understudy. The accompanying pointers clarify the main targets of co-curricular exercises:

  • To impart students with the importance of teamwork.
  • To provide children with plentiful opportunities to imbibe a varied skillset, from furnishing their social and communication skillsto imbibing them with leadership and decision-making abilities.
  • To facilitate motivation for learning
  • To assist them in developing the spirit for healthy competition
  • Work as incredible avenues of socialization and teaches students about the essentials of planning, management, co-operation and co-ordination.
  • To promote psychological, ethical, civic, social, disciplinary, cultural and recreational values.

By getting involved in various types of co-curricular activities, you can relax, rejuvenate and boost your creativity and thinking skills.

Activities for various types of personal and professional development are a part of daily activity for the students at Tula’s. some of the activities which are regularly conducted for the students are:

  • NCC
  • NSS
  • Picnics
  • Educational Tours
  • Industrial Visits
  • Leisure Tours
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Symposiums
  • Athletic meets
  • Cultural Meets
  • Sport Meets
  • Debates
  • Extempore
  • Mock Interview sessions
  • Business plan developments
  • Theatre reviews
  • Quizzes
  • Social Work
  • Volunteering in Social cause campaigns
  • Conducting Events and Festivals

And lots more to add to the overall bucket of beyond curriculum activities …

BBA is a  professional degree that nurtures its students who are passionate about getting into business and management careers. Students can get placed directly into good known brands immediately after getting their BBA degrees. This is the reason that BBA degree holders are among the highest employment rate category as compared to other bachelor’s degrees.



Sales / Inside Sales

Entry Level Sales Executives


Marketing Executives

Retail Management

Store In charges

Supply Chain and Analytics

Asst Managers/Logistic Mgrs.


Production Executives/Mgrs

Human Resources

Executives/Asst Managers

Digital Marketing

DM Executives/Managers




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