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Master of Business Administration is one of the most prominent courses in India as well as abroad. Tula’s Institutes that is also recognized as the best MBA college in Dehradun offers a two-year MBA (Master of Business Administration) course program which is focused on different specializations with valuable insights of corporate world along with the skills required to beat the competition. Through a rigorous and well-planned curriculum, we aim to push students to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve excellence in business. Our main objective is to nurture our students and to make them industry-ready with strong foundations of business management. We are developing priceless managerial skills in students so that in future they can lead the organization in a better way or start their own venture.


  • To evolve successful business leaders and entrepreneurs with social responsibility and global outreach.


  • To prepare the students for dynamic business environment through quality educational programs.
  • To contribute to human capital requirement in society and industry by augmenting the employability of students.
  • To cultivate the symbiotic relation with industry and other organizations for all round development of the students.
  • To sensitize the students towards value based and socially responsible behaviour as a business leader and entrepreneur.

Choose The Tula’s Experience

  1. PEO1 : To create entrepreneurial ventures by equipping with the necessary entrepreneurial skills.
  2. PEO2 : Students will independently conduct theoretical as well as applied research.
  3. PEO3 : Industry ready graduates having highest regard for Personal & Institutional Integrity, Social Responsibility, Teamwork and Continuous Learning.
  1. PO1 : Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
  2. PO2 : Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  3. PO3 : Ability to develop value based leadership.
  4. PO4 : Ability to understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects.
  5. PO5 : Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals.
  1. PSO1 : Develop skills in business analytics for industry and business requirements.
  2. PSO2 : Develop skills and knowledge for entrepreneurship.
  3. PSO3 : Develop professionals that overcome business challenges during recession.
MBA Course at Tula’s, the top MBA college in Dehradun, is approved by AICTE and is offered in affiliation to the Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU). The students can choose one major and one minor specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, and International Business. To develop distinguished professionals, the experienced staff at Tula’s Institute, the best management college in Dehradun, has developed a structured curriculum and study pattern that created a comfortable and innovative learning environment. Eligibility Criteria: Only graduated candidates who have a Bachelor's degree (Graduation with any subject) with not less than 50% of the marks in all the years of the examination, can seek admission in Master of Business Administration. The corporate world is on a lookout for skilled administrators who can manage various tasks of an organization efficiently. A large number of students try their best to avail such opportunities and pursuing an MBA from Tula's Institute takes them one step ahead towards their goal. Creating Opportunities for future leaders: Pursuing an MBA course from Tula’s Institute, the best MBA college in Dehradun, is a 2-year investment that lasts for a lifetime. The MBA course at Tula’s Institute is a distinctive education program that blends cutting-edge research and industry-oriented practices to give a holistic understanding of the real-time corporate scenario. We train our students with all the terms, matters and skills related to management and entrepreneurship. Under the keen supervision of highly qualified and experienced professors, the students come out as skilled and trained professionals ready for the corporate world. The MBA course program curriculum is focused on providing adequate exposure to the principles and applications of MBA such that the students become well versed with the concepts and can be prepared to face the challenges in a productive manner. To develop worthy professionals, the experienced staff of Tula’s Institute has developed a well-engineered curriculum and study pattern that creates a comfortable and innovative learning environment. The Institute has invested in facilities that include seminar halls, projectors, library, conference halls, etc. to ensure that students do not feel the lack of opportunities to learn from. Learning opportunities are also created through special activities and events to ensure that the students act as leaders and gain more insight into how things should be managed and processes should be floated. Tula’s Institute offers various value-added courses that enhance their skills such as:
  • Six Sigma Certification,
  • Job-Oriented NCFM Certification Training,
  • Business Communication,
  • SAP Real-Time Exposure ( Students are encouraged to take SAP Certification ),
  • Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (HR/Marketing/Finance/IB),
  • Certification in Digital Marketing and SEO,
  • Certificate in Leadership,
  • Foreign Language Program,
  • Certificate in Export/Import Documentation,
  • Certificate in Automobile Sales,
  • Certificate in Psychometric Evaluation for HR Managers,
  • Entrepreneurial Incubation Certificate in SPSS & AMOS and
  • CA-IPCC/CMA-Inter.
The dedication and hard work of faculty and students have resulted in a high number of placements from Tula’s Institute at reputed organizations where students have proven their worth through their effective personalities and proposals. Tula’s Institute feels proud to see the effectiveness of the learning processes that have resulted in creating satisfactory and innovative working practices by our students in their workplaces. The high quality and effective arrangements made by Tula’s Institute in the field of MBA makes it the best MBA college in Dehradun. Summer Internship Program Summer Internship Program is an attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and the academic institutions. At the end of Semester II, students undergo a Summer Internship for 2 months. Winter Internship Program Tula's Institute encourages learners to polish their skills by applying college learnings in the professional world. At the end of Semester III, students are encouraged to undergo a winter internship/research project for one month. Course Structure The session starts from July-August every year. The course consists of four semesters with 8 subjects in each semester.
1. MBA 2 years

Passed Bachelor Degree of minimum 3 years duration.
Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying Examination.


MB101 PPM Principles and Practices of Management
MB102 FA Financial accounting
MB103 QTOR Quantitative Techniques and Operation Research
MB104 ME Managerial Economics
MB105 BE Business Environment
MB106 BL Business Laws
MB107 PBC Professional Business Communication
MB108 MIS and Computer applications in Business


MB201 Organisational Behaviour
MB202 Management Accounting
MB 203 Live projects on current business Issues
MB204 Marketing Management
MB205 Financial Management
MB206 Human Resource Management
MB207 Production and Operations Management
MB208 Business Research Methods


MB301 IB International Business
MB302 PM Project Management
MB303 TQM Total Quality Management
MBAT 311 Consumer Behaviour
MBAT 313 Marketing of Services (Minor)
MBAT 315 Retail Management
MBAT 321 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MBAT 322 Financial Markets and Institutions (Minor)
MBAT 323 International Financial Management
MBAT 331 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
MBAT 333 Human Resource Planning & Development (Minor)
MBAT 342 Cross-Cultural Business Management (Minor)
MBAT 335 Organisational Structure and Change


MB401 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
MB402 Strategic Management
MB401 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
MB403 Entrepreneurship Development
MB404 Research Project
MBAT 412 Sales Management (Minor)
MBAT 413 Financial Services (Minor)
MBAT 422 Mergers and Corporate Restructuring
MB 431 International Human Resource Management
MB 441 EXIM Financing and Documentation (Minor)
MB 433 Corporate leadership (Minor)
Dr Ranit Kishore

Email id: mba.hod@tulas.edu.in
Head of the Department,
Graduate School of Business.

Business Administration today is an essential need to have a foothold in any department of an enterprise like finance, human resources, marketing, foreign trading etc. We prepare our students for the present global structure of the business world. The students are taught under the leadership of highly skilled and efficient individuals to be the finest in their fields. We don’t just concentrate on enhancing managerial proficiency but overall personality development of the students.


Name:- Dr. Pankaj Tiwari

Education:- Ph.D, MBA, UGC-NET

Experience:- 12 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 10

Name:- Ms. Priya Sharma

Education:- BBA, MBA, PGDHRM, Ph.D. (P)

Experience:- 7 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 1

Name:- Mr. Ashutosh Sharma

Education:- MBA,BCOM

Experience:- 6 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 04

Name:- Mr. Abhishek Chaukiyal

Education:- M.B.A. M.Com.

Experience:- 1 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Devesh Joshi

Education:- MCOM, MBA, LLB

Experience:- 7 Yrs(IND), 4,5 Yrs.(ACAD)

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Ms. Soniya Jain

Education:- B.Sc, MBA Gold medallist), PGDHRM

Experience:- 7.5 Yrs

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 01

Name:- Mr. Raminder Pal Singh

Education:- B.Tech MBA

Experience:- 5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Anupam Nautiyal

Education:- B.Sc IT,MBA

Experience:- 4 Years Teaching, 2 Years Corporate

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 01

Name:- Mr. Sonal Bahuguna

Education:- MBA,B.com

Experience:- 2 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Swati Sharma


Experience:- 6 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Emmanuel Elgin Gabriel

Education:- BBA, MBA, Phd pursuing (Finance)

Experience:- 6 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Publications:- 02 in Scopus

Name:- Mr. Adil Zaidi

Education:- BBA, MBA (Marketing)

Experience:- 3.5 Yrs in academics, 2 Yrs in Corporate

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Megha Ahuja

Education:- B.Com., M.Com., PGDBA(Finance), B.Ed., UGC Net qualified, IPTE (from Finland), MBA (Educational Leadership) (from Finland)

Experience:- 5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

Name:- Mr. Anchal Chauhan

Education:- MBA

Experience:- 3.5 Yrs.

Designation:- Assistant Professor

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