Institute Innovation Council (IIC)

Tula’s Institute takes pride in its Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), which is supported by the Ministry of Education (MoE) through the MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) and launched in collaboration with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The IIC program is designed to systematically cultivate a culture of innovation and a thriving start-up ecosystem within educational institutions.

The primary role of the IIC is to engage a large number of faculty, students, and staff in diverse innovation and entrepreneurship activities. These activities include ideation sessions, problem-solving exercises, proof-of-concept development, design thinking workshops, intellectual property rights (IPR) awareness, and project management at the pre-incubation and incubation stages.

By actively involving stakeholders in these innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives, the IIC aims to establish and stabilize a robust ecosystem that nurtures creativity, fosters entrepreneurial thinking, and promotes the translation of ideas into tangible solutions and ventures.

The key objectives of Tula’s IIC program are as follows:

  • Encouraging Innovation: The IIC fosters a supportive environment that encourages innovative thinking and experimentation. It provides platforms for brainstorming, idea generation, and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Problem-Solving: The IIC facilitates problem-solving activities where participants identify real-world challenges and work collectively to develop innovative solutions. These exercises enhance critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to address complex problems.
  • Proof of Concept Development: The IIC supports the development of proof of concepts, allowing participants to validate their ideas and transform them into tangible prototypes or minimum viable products (MVPs). This hands-on experience helps in understanding market viability and refining innovative solutions.
  • Design Thinking: The IIC promotes design thinking methodologies, enabling participants to adopt a user-centric approach to problem-solving. It emphasizes empathy, collaboration, and iterative ideation, leading to human-centred and innovative solutions.
  • IPR Awareness: The IIC creates awareness among participants about intellectual property rights (IPR) and their significance in protecting innovative ideas and inventions. It educates them about patent filing, copyright, and other forms of IPR protection.
  • Project Handling and Management: The IIC provides guidance and support in project handling and management, ensuring that participants develop the necessary skills to execute and manage innovative projects effectively.

Through the Institution’s Innovation Council, Tula’s Institute strives to create a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures innovation, fosters entrepreneurship, and empowers individuals to become drivers of change. By engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, the IIC aims to establish a culture of continuous innovation and contribute to the growth of the start-up ecosystem within the institution and beyond.