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Tula’s Group has always advocated providing meaningful job opportunities as one of its main roles. Considering the difficulties faced by students to find good jobs in the engineering sector, we have started a massive pool placement initiative called ‘Ujjwal Bhavishya’ to make the process easier for all. A Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, it endeavours to provide significant placement opportunities to the B.Tech and Polytechnic students from all colleges.

In Ujjwal Bhavishya, Tula’s Institute will conduct pool placement drives for students from all colleges and all courses, not just those taught at Tula’s Institute. Tula’s Institute has a rich history of placements and enjoys great relationships with eminent Multinational companies. Over a span of twelve years, Tula’s has collaborated with over 650 major business houses of India as well as international companies such as AON Hewitt and Honeywell (for ECE), Bosch and Havells (for EEE), Monte Carlo and L&W Building Construction (for Civil), PIAGGIO, MAHINDRA and JBM (for ME), Byju’s Think & Learn and Microsoft (for CS) and Young Angels Pvt Ltd and Vodafone. Students have been placed with these companies with lucrative packages.

Some more companies that Tula’s Institute will include in this initiative are Forbes and Company Ltd, Continental Corporation, Plastic Omnium, Eicher and Victoria Autos.

To make this a win-win situation for everyone and keeping students’ convenience and comfort in mind, the first level of short listing process will be conducted in or around their own institution.

We aim to provide meaningful employment to our youth and take them a step ahead towards a better future.

Serial No.Name of studentsCollege nameCompany Name
1Garima UpadhyayGirls Poly AlomoraBRAND BUDDY
3Isha RawatGovt college dehradunBRAND BUDDY
4Bushra PareveenGovt college dehradun(suddhuwala)BRAND BUDDY
5Krishana KumarBharatam Institute of TechnologyJBM
6Mukul BangwalHimalayan School of Engineering & TechnologyJBM
7Sarthak RawatHimalayan School of Engineering & TechnologyJBM
8Dheeraj Singh MehtaGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
9Rajat JoshiGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
10Yogesh YadavGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
11AkashShivalik College of EngineeringJBM
12Aman ThapaShivalik College of EngineeringJBM
13Sharad Kumar PalGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
14Subodh kumarGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
15Aslam AliGovt. polytechnic Sahiya DehradunJBM
16Ajay ThapaGovt. polytechnic Sahiya DehradunJBM
17ShavejBharatam Institute of TechnologyJBM
18ShoyabBharatam Institute of TechnologyJBM
19Pankaj RawatSwami Rama Himalayan UniversityJBM
20Sachin PainulyHimalayan School of Engineering & TechnologyJBM
21Anoop ManjeraHimalayan School of Engineering & TechnologyJBM
22Cheatan SoniTula’s InstituteJBM
23Asif ShafiqTula’s InstituteJBM
24Vishal RawatGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
25Deepak kumarGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
26Nitin PawarGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
27Suraj NegiGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
28Pradeep SinghGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
29Jagdish JoshiGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
30Bhanu UpadhyaGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
31Ujjwal AgarwalGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
32Aniket BadoniGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
33Sudhanshu SainiGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
34Rohit KumarGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
35Rohan kumar SharmaGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
36Nandan kumarGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
37Hrithik SinghGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
38Shivanshi DabralGovt. polytechnic Srinagar(Working with Data)JBM
39Shekhar TiwariTula’s InstituteJBM
40Sachin KumarTula’s InstituteJBM
41Rajat SharmaTula’s InstituteJBM
42ShubhamTula’s InstituteJBM
43Prashant TriphatiTula’s InstituteJBM
44NeerajTula’s InstituteJBM
45RajKumarTula’s InstituteJBM
46Vineet KumarGovt. polytechnic PithiuwalaJBM
47Himali SinghGovt. polytechnic PithiuwalaJBM
48Ritika SinghalGovt. polytechnic PithiuwalaJBM
49Anjali RanaGovt. polytechnic PithiuwalaJBM
50Kiran JohriGovt. polytechnic PithiuwalaJBM
51Siddharat MamgainAlpine CollegeJBM
52Shubham BishtSwami Rama Himalayan UniversityJBM
53Sahyam SharmaAlpine CollegeJBM
54Sheetal GaurGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
55Soniya TomarGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
56ShivaniG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
57NidhiG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
58Kanak VermaK.L Polytechnic RoorkeeJBM
59Shivani RanaG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
60Ashwary PrasadS.D.B.I.IJBM
61Ankit PurohiG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
62Mandeep KhugshalGovt. Polytechnic SatpuliJBM
63Shubham JethuriG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
64Idra Kumar PalG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
65Divyakant MishraG.P.L BhalaswagaiJBM
66Anjali JoshiGovt. Polytechnic(K.L.D)JBM
67Jyoti HarbolaGovt. Polytechnic(K.L.D)JBM
68Harshita RawatGovt. Polytechnic(K.L.D)JBM
69Megha MadhwalGovt. Polytechnic Vikas NagarJBM
70DivyaniGovt. Polytechnic Vikas NagarJBM
71Anshu KashyapGovt. Polytechnic Vikas NagarJBM
72Dimple DograGovt. Polytechnic Vikas NagarJBM
73Anushka KukretiGovt. Polytechnic Vikas NagarJBM
74Kiran PanwarGovt. Polytechnic Vikas NagarJBM
75Soniya ChaudharyGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
76Bhawna JoshiGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
77Meena PanwarGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
78AnjaliGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
79ShaijalGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
80Priya ChauhanGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
81PoonamGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
82VaishnaviGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
83KavitaGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
84NatashaGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
85AshitaGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
86NidhiGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
87PriyankaGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
88SakshiGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
89SarojGovt. Girls Polytechnic SuddhowalaJBM
90VandhanaGovt. College DehradunJBM
91Deeksha NegiGovt. College DehradunJBM
92MamtaGovt. College DehradunJBM
93Ayush KumarGovt. Polytechnic Srinagar(Passout)JBM
94Aman SainiS.D.I.M.T Haridwar(Passout)JBM
95Saurabh JoshiS.D.B.I.T Dehradun(Passout)JBM
96Prahalad SinghS.D.B.I.T Dehradun(Passout)JBM
97Ankit kumarGovt. Polytechnic pauri Garhwal(Passout)JBM
98Abhishek BhartiGovt. Polytechnic pauri Garhwal(Passout)JBM
99Amit KumarGovt. Polytechnic pauri Garhwal(Passout)JBM
100Ashutosh RaoAlpine College(Pursuing)JBM
101Dewendu DixitAlpine College(Pursuing)JBM
102ManjeetShivalik College of EngineeringJBM
103Mohammad AzamGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
104Neeraj Singh BohraGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
105Rohit PalGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
106Mohit AgarwalGovt. polytechnic NainitalJBM
107Girdhar RanaGovt. polytechnic NainitalJBM
108Suraj bhandariK.L Polytechnic RoorkeeJBM
109Vibhav saklaniS.D.B.I.T DehradunJBM
110Sandeep ranaGovt. Poytechnic AlmoraJBM
111Aman SainiS.D.I.M.T HaridwarJBM
112Areeb AliGovt. polytechnic BazpurJBM
113Raju kumar SafiTula’s InstituteJBM
114ReezbanGovt. polytechnic NainitalJBM
115Ankit KumarGovt. Polytechnic pauri GarhwalJBM
116Abhishek bhartiGovt. Polytechnic pauri GarhwalJBM
117Sarabjeet SinghGovt. Polytechnic pauri GarhwalJBM
118Saurabh SinghGovt. Poytechnic AlmoraJBM
119Sandeep SinghS.D.B.I.T DehradunJBM
120Vinod OjhaS.D.B.I.T DehradunJBM
121Vipul VermaS.D.B.I.T DehradunJBM
122Sachin KumarGovt. Polytechnic KashipurJBM
123Saurav SinghS.D.B.I.T DehradunJBM
124Rohit KandpalGovt. polytechnic NainitalJBM
125FaizanGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
126Manish VermaGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
127Amit KumarGovt. Polytechnic SrinagarJBM
128RohtashGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
129Aslam AliGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
130Deepak DawariGovt. polytechnic Baricheena AlmoraJBM
131Govind Singh RautelaGovt. polytechnic Baricheena AlmoraJBM
132Rajat MuhariGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
133Pradeep Singh negiGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
134Aashish KumarGovt. Polytechnic RoorkeeJBM
135Prajwal SinghGovt. Polytechnic RoorkeeJBM
136Gaurav SainiGovt. Polytechnic RoorkeeJBM
137RajeshGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
138Mohit joshiGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
139Pankaj NayalGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
140Shubham SharmaGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
141Shubham PatelGovt. Polytechnic Tehri GarhwalJBM
142Aman SainiS.D.I.M.T HaridwarJBM
143Mukesh SinghGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
144DeepakGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
145VijayGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
146Saqeeb AnsariGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
147Prasant kumarrGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
148Rati KantGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
149Pradeep Singh BishtGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
150Devender kumarGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
151RohitGovt. Polytechnic RorkeeJBM
152Rahul SinghGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
153Ankit KumarGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
154Kamlesh PrasadGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
155Devender dixitAlpine CollegeJBM
156Ashutosh RaoAlpine CollegeJBM
157Deepak BishtGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
158Aakash mamgainGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
159Mohit KumarGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
160Himanshu kukretiGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
161Abhishek mauryaGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
162Vaibhav SainiGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
163Shivam joshiGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
164Avnish RawatGovt. polytechnic pithuwalaJBM
165Manoj RawatGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
166lavneesh rawatGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
167Sumit VermaShivalik College of EngineeringJBM
168Rajat ButolaGovt. polytechnic DehradunJBM
169Ashok KiranG.P.DJBM
170Aakash Kumar SaklaniG.P.DJBM
171Ashish SharmaG.P.DJBM
172Rahul BhattG.P.DJBM
173Ankit SinghG.P.DJBM
174Naresh KumarGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
175Ajay BishtGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
176Manoj PandeyG.P.DJBM
177Samar pal SdinghG.P.DJBM
178Rajesh tomarG.P.DJBM
179Ayush KumarGovt. Polytechnic SrinagarJBM
180Pawan SinghG.P.DJBM
181Abhay SharmaG.P.DJBM
182Manoj PandeyG.P.DJBM
183Shresh SinghG.P.DJBM
184Arvind kumarG.P HaridwarJBM
185Ashish kotnalaG.P Narender NagarJBM
186Nitesh DevlalG.P.DJBM
187Sheetal ChaudharyG.P.DJBM
189Ujwal KumarG.P.DJBM
190Vanshul SharmaG.P.DJBM
191Bikash SharmaG.P.DJBM
192Gaurav BhattGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
193Raju KushwahGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
195Savir AliG.P.DJBM
196Shekhar SaxenaG.P.DJBM
197Aashish palG.P.DJBM
198Swetank JoshiG.P.DJBM
199Saurabh ShramaG.P.DJBM
200RohitGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
201RajeshGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
202Bhanu SatiG.P NainitalJBM
203Bikash singh RawatG.P.DJBM
204Saurabh SharmaG.P.DJBM
205Rakhi VermaG.P.DJBM
206Ashish PalG.P.DJBM
207Sonu kumarA.C.M.TJBM
209Shikhar SaxenaG.P.DJBM
210Narender RawatG.P.DJBM
211BhawnaGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
212NishaGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
213NehaGovt. polytechnic KashipurJBM
214Akshay kumarG.P NainitalJBM
215Suraj SharmaG.P NainitalJBM
216NavPrabhat DhandiG.P.DJBM
217Shivani NautiyalG.P.DJBM
218Sheetal ChaudharyG.P.DJBM
219Anurag SinghBITRalco Tyre
220Nagpal Singh ChauhanBITRalco Tyre
221Krishna KumarBITRalco Tyre
222Aslam AliGPDRalco Tyre
223Deepak YadavGPDRalco Tyre
224Jagdish ChandraGovt Polytechnic College NainitalRalco Tyre
225Rohan K. SharmaGovt Polytechnic College PithuwalaRalco Tyre
226Hritik SinghGovt Polytechnic College PithuwalaRalco Tyre
227Nandan KumarGPDRalco Tyre
228Ujjwal AgarwalGPDRalco Tyre
229Rohit KumarGovt Polytechnic College PithuwalaRalco Tyre
230Bhagat SinghITI VikashnagarRalco Tyre
231Shreshth Singh Ralco Tyre
232Neha SinghGP KashipurTrovo
237Anjali NegiGP KashipurTrovo
238Laxmi GaoswamiGP KashipurTrovo
239Sonam DobriyalGP KashipurTrovo
240Harshita RawatGP KaladungiTrovo
241Poonam BhandariGP KashipurTrovo
242Shipra MazumdarGP KashipurTrovo
243Laxman SinghGP KashipurTrovo
244Deepesh KumarGP KashipurTrovo
245Harender singhGP SrinagarTrovo
246Hitendra ChauhanGP KaladungiTrovo
247Natasha RawatGPDTrovo
248Vaishanavi DhuriyaGPDTrovo
249Aman ThapaShivalikSuavo
251Sharad KumarGPDSuavo
252Ayush KumarGP SrinagarSuavo
253Raju Kumar SaifiTula’sSuavo
254Neeraj KumarSRHUSuavo
255Deepak KumarGPDSuavo
256Jagdish JoshiGP KashipurSuavo
257Ujjawal AggarwalGPDSuavo
258Rohit KumarGPDSuavo
259Rohan KumarGPDSuavo
260Nandan KumarGPDSuavo
261Pawan JoshiGP KashipurSuavo
262Gaurav SinghGP KashipurSuavo
263Kunal PandeyGP KashipurSuavo
264Akash MamgainGPDSuavo
265Sachin KumarGP KashipurSuavo
266Shubham PatelGP HindolkhalSuavo
267Harpreet SinghAITSSuavo
268Deepak Singh NegiAITSSuavo
269Md Julfam Beg Suavo
270Vasundhara NegiGP GairsainJindal Electrical
271Pradeep ChauhanGP ShyampurJindal Electrical
272Rohit NautiyalGP SrinagarJindal Electrical
273Robin RanaSDBITJindal Electrical
274Shubham MundapiKLPJindal Electrical
275Priyanshu PurohitKLPJindal Electrical
276Avinash GuptaDBITJindal Electrical
277Manish KumarBITJindal Electrical
278SonamDBITJindal Electrical
279Mhd.RizwanBFITJindal Electrical
280Arvind SinghGP ShayampurJindal Electrical
281Aditya KaushikGP AamwalaJindal Electrical
282AnkitGP PokhriJindal Electrical
283Abdul HalimBFITJindal Electrical
284SarwanTula’sJindal Electrical
285Pradeep RawatTula’sJindal Electrical
286Kishan Manral Jindal Electrical

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