Research and Development (R&D) Cell

The Research and Development (R&D) Cell at Tula’s Institute is an integral part of the Centre for Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (CIRE). Its primary focus is to facilitate and drive cutting-edge research activities across various disciplines within the Institute.

The R&D Cell plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth conduction of various government and non-government research projects at Tula’s Institute. It acts as a central point of contact and support for researchers, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and effectively.

One of the key responsibilities of the R&D Cell is to assist faculty members in securing research grants. It actively seeks out funding opportunities from government agencies, foundations, and other organizations that support research initiatives. The cell provides guidance and resources to faculty members, helping them navigate the complex process of grant applications. By streamlining this process, the R&D Cell enhances the chances of obtaining research funding and supports the faculty in pursuing their research interests.

Additionally, the R&D Cell facilitates and encourages faculty and student members to publish their research work in various reputed journals. It recognizes the importance of disseminating research findings and contributing to the wider scientific community. The cell provides guidance on identifying suitable journals, manuscript preparation, and submission procedures. By assisting in the publication process, the R&D Cell ensures that the valuable research conducted by faculty and students receives the recognition it deserves.

Details of various on-going and completed research grants and Publications are as follows are as follows: