Tula’s has implemented ICT to support advanced learning and assessment. The institute has adequate classrooms to meet the need of the various programs being run. Presently all lecture rooms, tutorial rooms and seminar halls are equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity for the use of ICT during teaching.Computer assisted learning and digital materials are made available to the students to supplementclassroom teaching.

In addition to traditional method of teaching, the faculty members are using the IT enabled learning tools such as PPT, Video clippings, online classes, online sources, to expose the students for advanced knowledge and practical learning. Internet with capacity of over 205 Mbps is made available.

Classrooms & Seminar halls with ICT enabled facilities

Tula’s Institute has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an ideal environment for progressive learning and resource development. To meet the academic needs of the students we have well equipped Classrooms, Tutorial rooms and laboratories that meet the AICTE specifications. With an aim to fill the gap between the curriculum and the industry expectations from a graduate engineer the college has provided, apart from the regular Laboratories, industry tie-ups etc.

Labs are equipped with adequate hardware and licensed software to run curriculum specific programs. Adequate numbers of personal computers are available for the smooth conduct of the Labs.

Institute consists of the adequate numbers of Seminar Halls and class rooms with ICT enabled facilities like:

LCD Projectors

LCD Projectors: – It allows the teacher to interact with students better, to use a multimodal form of teaching and to provide more entertaining ways to teach and get their lesson objectives and facts across

LAN (Local area network)

LAN (Local area network) – is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area. It controls the flow of information, such as software, messages, or homework, between central storage centres and each computer, and also between computers and printers

Wi-Fi (Wireless fidelity)

Wi-Fi (Wireless fidelity) – It serves as a significant tool to communicate, discuss, and even explore various information from a different world and reference.

Smart board

Smart board – It is an electronic whiteboard, is a classroom tool that allows images from a computer screen to be displayed onto a classroom board.