S.N. Author Title of Paper
1 Simardeep singh Virtual Instrument for Power Quality Measurement
2 Annop kumar Morya Comparative harmonic analysis of Diode clamped multi-level inverter
3 Annop kumar Morya Comparative Harmonic Analysis of Diode Clamped Multi-Level Inverter
4 T. Melong Study and analysis of MEMS and NEMS based gyroscope
5 Pushpendra Raj ; Satendra Kumar Chauhan ; Prashant Kumar Implementation of AES Employing Systolic Array and Pipelining Approach
6 Nirit Datta ; Saurabh Kumar ; Ashutosh Mallick Eradication of elephant mortality and injury due to railway accidents through automatic tracking and alert system
7 Nirit Datta ; Souvik Sarkar ; Ashutosh Malik Automatic tracking and alarm system for eradication of wild life injury and mortality
8 Nirit Datta ; Ashutosh Malik ; Mukund Agarwal ; Anirudh Jhunjhunwala Real Time Tracking and Alert System for Laptop through Implementation of GPS, GSM, Motion Sensor and Cloud Services for Antitheft Purposes
9 Ritik Raj ; Ajay Kumar ; Gaurav Verma ; Pushpendra Raj Processor Specific Green Counter Based on HSTL IO Standards Design on 90nm FPGA
10 Hemant Jain ; Shivendra Pratap Enhancing bank security system using Face Recognition, Iris Scanner and Palm Vein Technology
11 Suyash Sharma ; Bhavesh Gaur Optimization technique to mitigate the losses in single phase induction motor
12 Aashish Verma ; Kunal Raj Smart learning based on augmented reality with android platform and its applicability
13 Abhishek Sharma ; Himanshu Negi Adaptive speed control of BLDC motor with effective starting and minimized cost and core loss
14 Nirit Datta ; Ashutosh Mailk ; Sovik Sarkar Generation of light energy by utilization of electrical energy without consumption of electrical energy through harness of wind energy generated by ceiling fans
15 Akansha Sharma Optimization techniques for fresnel lens based nano-solarcell: A review