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Every activity ranging from establishing to functioning of a company completely depending on their financial strength. Functioning and growth of a company depends upon proper arrangement and management of finances. Every company expects their finances to be efficiently utilized that ultimately result in decreased investments and increased profits. This is where MBA finance come into picture.

Tula’s Institute – one of the Top MBA colleges in Uttarakhand is one of the preferred places for MBA in Finance. Highly qualified faculty provides an in-depth understanding of accountancy, capital management and other essential traits including portfolio management, corporate management, and devising business strategies so that the student attain a creative mind in the field of commerce.

Ample learning opportunities are provided to the students by deputing them on finance related activities in various events. Students are also inspired to devise and exhibit new strategies that are nurtured by the faculty as an attractive trait of their personalities.

Tula’s also provided opportunities for students to become industry leaders by providing a unique learning system focussed on data analytics and SAP. With the ability to innovate new strategies, students of this best MBA college in Dehradun have proved their worth in the industry by securing highly paid jobs with great success.

While the aim of a management program is to make CEO / Entrepreneur/ Head of an organization. Earning an MBA in Finance gives you a path to move advance to positions as Financial consultant, financial researcher, Asst, Operations Manager to Financial managers or directors.

A salary may start from 4- 5 lacs/annum and would increase to 8-12 lacs if the student horns skills in Business Data Analytics and security management.