Situated in the capital of Uttarakhand, Tula’s Institute, the top private engineering colleges in Uttarakhand combine outstanding research programs with future-oriented teaching. The institute focuses on imparting an important contribution to the society, culture and the overall economy through knowledge and technology transfer and with an innovative education. Tula’s is an engineering institute with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. The department of engineering at Tula’s offers B.Tech, M.Tech and Diploma courses in various fields. The combination of basic and application-oriented research results in solutions that are in demand nationally as well as internationally in the key areas including environment, energy, materials, construction, electronics, information and communication technology.

Among the top list of all engineering colleges in Uttarakhand, Tula’s Institute aims at wanting to make a contribution towards making tomorrow’s world a better place. The institute’s administration team and all of its departments work closely together towards this goal. With interdisciplinary learning, innovative teaching methods, skill and technology transfer, Tula’s Institute looks for result based approaches that solve national and international problems. These include challenges in the areas of IT-based networks and communication, mechanical, civil, thermal along with cultural and social issues. The institute offers flexible career paths that meet the student’s needs in an increasingly rapidly changing world. Our outstandingly encouraging administration along with close-knit life on campus create a motivating and creative studying environment for the students. Tula’s is committed towards acting responsibly with respect to learning, teaching and knowledge and technology transfer. Our versatility in the areas of engineering and technology promotes creativity and opens up new solutions.

Our modern and eminently equipped institute offers distinctive courses of study to the students who are inclined towards learning and working hard. These courses are the basis for successfully achieving degrees that meet the demands of the worldwide employment market. We make experimentation, technology and practice an enjoyable experience and do our utmost to help our students to become open-minded and insightful scholastics with a sense of social responsibility. At the top private engineering colleges in Uttarakhand, the communication between the students and the faculty members is ongoing and intensive. We stand for scientific and informative teaching of a high standard. Our innovative, extremely accessible teaching concept is completed by institutes preparation courses, careers advice and skills promotion offers.

Top Private engineering College in Uttarakhand

Tula’s Institute has always been a pioneer in laying out significant job opportunities to the students. With the distress of unemployment and the difficulties faced by the students, the institute has even come up with a massive pool placement which is titled as Ujjwal Bhavishya. This initiative has been made to make the placement process easier for aspiring candidates. Being a CSR initiative, the program aspires to provide pronounced placement opportunities to the B.Tech and Polytechnic students from all colleges. Under this program, the institute not only offers campus placement opportunities to its students but also to the students from other colleges of different courses. The institute boasts of having good relationships with the multinational companies thus offering great placement opportunities to the students.

The institute has been awarded with numerous awards for its excellence in offering world-class education, academic, and exceptional placement records and tops in the list of all engineering colleges in Uttarakhand. Engineering degrees at Tula’s Institute provide an aspiring student with a well-rounded education over core concepts in different fields of Engineering. Theoretical courses and regular practice sessions go hand in hand in the classrooms of Tula’s with the purpose of teaching methodologies to the students in order to make theoretical knowledge applicable in the real world. The courses at Tula’s put a large emphasis on the practical aspects of engineering thus preparing the students to apply their knowledge in practice.