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7 Top Career Opportunities You Can Take After Engineering


An engineering degree from Best Engineering College in Dehradun is one of the most sought-after career decisions that take an individual in many directions. While most of educational backgrounds prepare students for a distinct profession, a degree can lead to several career options. The engineering field which is considered to be challenging and demanding has seen rapid growth over the last several decades thus offering numerous opportunities in several. When an individual acquires an engineering degree, he/she is expected to work in a traditional pattern that includes IT, Civil, Mechanical, or Chemical engineering. However, what students generally are not aware of are the twists that their careers can take when they have an engineering background. Keeping the promise of offering the least impervious route to getting a job, in between the tough competition, a degree in engineering has advanced and has become every youngster’s aspiration. However, there are students who come across certain career options which have little or no connection with engineering. Tula’s mark top Engineering college in Dehradun.

Here are the top 7 career options one can take after engineering. Before checking them out, just know that there are several career opportunities waiting for you as soon as you complete your engineering program. The most important thing is to grab some knowledge regarding several jobs offered and also spend time learning the skills that are required for such jobs.


Career Opportunities After Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering: A degree in civil engineering from Top Civil Engg College in Dehradun gears an individual for a career in the construction industry alongside business, management, and financial sectors. A career opportunity in civil engineering often involves several aspects of design and architecture, allowing one to express his/her creative element and explore innovative and fresh ideas, while also evaluating data and technology. Civil engineering career options include construction managers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, public health engineers, transportation engineers, and urban planning engineers.
  2. Mechanical Engineering: For students who have specialized in Mechanical engineering from the top Mechanical Engineering college in Dehradun have job opportunities in several sectors mainly including manufacturing and power. Several options in mechanical engineering include Automotive engineer, materials engineering, maintenance engineering, and marine engineer among others. This career path will suit an individual who is technically sound, proficient in science and mathematics and has expertise in problem-solving.

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  1. Electrical engineering: The job role of an electrical engineer consists of designing, developing, testing, and supervising electrical equipment manufacturing. If one wishes to choose this as a career right after his/her graduation, the best is that the training for the same is so extensive that the graduates may get a job in several industries such as manufacturing, construction, and design. Among the most challenging and required job roles for electronic engineers, today involve designing remote-controlled race cars, developing construction plans for electrical lighting systems for skyscrapers, and building technology for factories like robots that can perform welding. Top Electrical Engineering College in Dehradun.
  1. Computer Science Engineer: Pursuing engineering in the field of Computer Science is among those fields which bring a lot of profitable job opportunities to students. From being a software developer, computer hardware engineer, computer network architect, database administrator, information security analyst, web developer to computer programmer; these are some of the job opportunities that students can apply for right after their graduation.  Best Civil Engineering in Dehradun

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  1. Career in management and consultancy: Engineering graduates from Top Civil Engg College in Dehradun are well suited for performing managerial duties, as they often have accurate problem-solving expertise along with the capability to think. Some engineering graduates may decide to acquire a postgraduate degree in engineering management so as to uplift their career prospects, while the other lot will be able to moderately advance into a senior position that involves having responsibility for other staff or having big projects. Generally, experienced engineers choose to seek a career in engineering management consultancy, working either as part of a consultancy or as an independent contractor.
  1. Public Service Undertakings and Civil Services: After engineering, an individual can also choose to enter into the government sector with a good salary package or can even apply for civil services. In order to apply for government jobs one has to go through some tests which are quite difficult and the competition for the same is also very high. But if one gets the job, everything is worth it. One has to clear the GATE exam for the same. If you work hard, then you can even get a job in a PSU including BHEL, SAIL, and IOCL.  After completing the graduation in engineering from College in Dehradun, an individual can also opt for civil services. This career option is mostly liked by the parents for their kids to pursue. To enter civil services, an individual is required to crack the UPSC civil services exam, which is known to be one of the toughest examinations and requires almost a year of preparation. If a candidate gets a high rank, then they can get the reputable post of IAS, IPS, or even IFS. It’s one of the popular career options among engineers.
  1. Other careers for engineering graduates: Apart from making a career in all of the above-mentioned categories, engineering students from Dehradun’s top Private college can also apply for unconventional career options. From being a creative writer to being a filmmaker or to even starting one’s own business, Career Opportunities After Engineering. Certainly, these are one of the most enticing career options that engineering students can select!

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