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BSc Agriculture – Scope and Career Opportunities in India


BSc Agriculture is one of the common courses of modern times. As agriculture fulfills an essential demand of human beings, there are several job opportunities for students after getting through this particular course. A degree in agriculture from the Best BSc agriculture college in Dehradun equips students with the required skills to perform well in the agricultural sector. A student can do various things after completing his/her B.Sc. Agriculture in India. From pursuing higher studies including Master in Agricultural Sciences, Master in Science, MBA/PGDM, working in the banking sector, appearing for competitive exams to working full time in the Agricultural sector, the options are endless. One can even pursue journalism or become a teacher in the same field.

In spite of being the largest employer and contributor to the world economy, the agriculture sector remains unqualified. With the onset of global warming and climate change, agricultural specialists are now required more than ever. Thus, the employment opportunity in this sector has increased. For a graduate student passing out from Dehradun Agriculture College, the role in agriculture could be of a manager on a conventional farm or a specialized unit on a farm. Hard-working candidates are well-paid and are presented with highly rewarding positions. The biotechnology sector in itself offers various career options for agriculture graduates. One such role can be of a consultant in a big firm wherein an individual has a more scientific background that allows him/her to work in areas including genetically modified crops among others.

Another prospective job for an agricultural graduate from BSc Agriculture Colleges Dehradun can be of an auditor or a regulator who ensures that biotechnological and multinational agricultural industries abide by the law and ethical standards. If one has good knowledge about the industry, then he/she can land up having wider entrepreneurial opportunities, including formulating improvements in pre-existing products.

If any student wants to pursue higher studies in the agricultural sector from Best BSc agriculture college in Dehradun, then pursuing a Master in Agriculture can be done by appearing through certain entrance exams. After post-graduation, one can even do a Ph.D. or go for the ARS (Agriculture Research Service) Examination. If the candidate plans to go towards the managerial sector, then pursuing MBA/PGDM Agribusiness is another great option.

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Students who have a master’s degree in Agriculture can also appear for UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) to get JRF scholarships or can even opt to become eligible for Assistant Professor. Besides undertaking higher studies, applying for government jobs after BSc in Agriculture is also a feasible option.

Even the banking sector offers jobs to students who have a degree in agriculture from Dehradun Agriculture College. There are special posts for AO, AAO, Field Officers and SO. Appearing for exams like IBPS, NABARD, and others that open jobs for BSc Agriculture is also a great option to consider.

Students who have completed their degree BSc in Agriculture can even apply for jobs in the Food Corporation of India (FCI), Airport Authority, and Seaports. Candidates can also look out for state-level exams that offer job roles including the role of an Assistant Agricultural Officer, Agricultural Officer, and Seed Officer, among other such posts. Some students of agricultural sciences also wish to become entrepreneurs. They commence their journey with a vision to provide distinctive solutions to agricultural problems in the world. To conclude, there is plentiful scope for candidates pursuing BSc Agriculture from Bsc Agriculture Colleges Dehradun. The aim of education is to empower individuals which will ultimately lead to the collective betterment of society as a whole. Agriculture is one of the basic fields in which we humans survive. It is needed that bright young minds do not hesitate in fact they critically analyse their options, and join this field.

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