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B.Sc Agriculture Scope in India: Know Important Higher Studies & Career Options


Agriculture is recognized as one of the most lucrative sectors in the Indian economy and therefore several students are inclined on getting a degree in BSc Agriculture from the Best B.Sc Agriculture Scope in India. After completing a degree in Agriculture, students can explore promising career prospects both in the private and public sectors. The agricultural industry is an important sector in India that plays a significant role. In current times, the need for professionals in agriculture courses has increased in various departments of government as well as private organizations. The agriculture industry is also expected to grow more in the coming years which will lead to an expansion in irrigation facilities, food storage, cold storage, usage of agriculture machinery, and equipment along with the sustainable use of agriculture infrastructure. All of this will result in advancing the job opportunity for agriculture courses.

The main aim of acquiring a degree in agriculture from the Best B.Sc Agriculture College in Uttarakhand is to strengthen the agriculture sector in India. Several government institutes and organizations take initiatives to promote education and research in the agriculture field. Also, the need for technological growth in the agriculture sector is endless. Thus, the scope and career options for agriculture candidates are numerous.

While a lot of individuals have a notion that agriculture courses have a limited scope, the graduates in this sector can actually have a wide range of career possibilities from the Best Agriculture Scope in India as they are well-versed in various fields including plant biochemistry, soil sciences, plant breeding and genetics, agronomy, horticulture, animal sciences, entomology, agriculture economics, biotechnology, plant pathology among many more.

B.Sc Agriculture Scope in India

Higher Studies after BSc Agriculture:

When it comes to pursuing higher studies after the completion of a BSc in Agriculture, there are various specialized postgraduate courses under the domain of agriculture that students can choose from one of the Best B.Sc Agriculture Colleges in Dehradun. Some of the prominent master’s degrees in Agriculture and its varied specialisations include an MBA in Agriculture, a Master’s in Agricultural Engineering, Master’s in Environment Agrobiology, MSc in Agriculture, Master’s in Agroecology, Master of Food Science and Agribusiness, MBA in Agribusiness, MSc in Plant Pathology, Master’s in Sustainable Agriculture, Master’s in Agronomy, MSc in Agricultural Economics and Master’s in Plant Science.

Jobs after BSc Agriculture:

Over the past few years, the need for professionals in the agricultural industry has increased to a major extent. The agriculture and farming practices have been updated and there is always a continuous demand for professionals who can work in research, development, and administration to make sure the improvement of crop growth by reducing the cost of input. Pursuing a degree in BSc Agriculture from the Best B.Sc Agriculture College in Uttarakhand will allow a student to be familiarised with the basics of agricultural practices, new and state-of-the-art technologies in the sector as well as essentials of water resource management, poultry operations, and soil texture among others.

Government as well as private organizations, come up with various vacancies for graduates in BSc Agriculture. For Government jobs after BSc Agriculture, a student would be required to qualify for certain competitive exams as well. However, most of the jobs that an individual will encounter during the campus placement at the Best B.Sc Agriculture College in India will be for the private sector. Some of the common job profiles which are available in the private sector for the graduates of BSc Agriculture include Agriculture Forest Officer, Agriculture Junior Engineer, Researcher, Forest Officer, Agriculture Graduate Trainee, and Agriculture Field Officer among others.


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