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5 Factors to Consider Before Taking Admission in Best MBA College in Dehradun


With plenty of universities and courses to pick from, it sometimes becomes a daunting challenge to successfully complete the admission process of an MBA program. An individual has to make his/her way through the endless lists with the pros and cons clashing against each other. It can be quite a task and thus one needs the right guidance to tackle the situation. Let’s have a look at the top 5 factors that one must consider before taking admission to one of the Best MBA College in Dehradun.

  1. Check out the College Ranking

When planning to pursue an MBA course, one must foremost check out the ranking of the college as the same helps in getting that extra competitive edge over the market. An individual must assess the ranking of the selected MBA colleges based on the curriculum they offer, their faculty, amenities, alumni pool, and placement facilities, among others. Rankings use data provided by business schools and can offer potential students and their families useful information. Checking out the ranking of the Best college in Dehradun for an MBA in marketing is considered one of the important tools that students must use early in their search process.

Top MBA in marketing College in dehradun

  1. Know the Curriculum

Before beginning the MBA admission process, one must know about the curriculum the particular college is offering as the same will set an individual apart in the workplace. The internet these days is full of advertisements for universities that claim to offer an enriched curriculum. However, one must examine the curriculum by taking a close look at the syllabus being offered by the colleges. Before a student starts his/her MBA admission process, they should make sure that the Best college in Dehradun for MBA in International Business offers a curriculum that is well balanced in offering both theoretical knowledge of concepts along with practical skills. Both practical and theoretical knowledge is significant and dependent on each other. While opting for an MBA program, it becomes indispensable to check on the curriculum and assure that it consists of all the essentials of the subject. Nowadays, a lot of colleges are opting for experiential learning where apart from lectures and classroom case studies, they are offered a chance to imply their knowledge on a practical basis.

  1. Career Opportunities 

Towards the end of a course, every individual wishes to have a secure career and looks forward to starting the career journey that they have set out for themselves. Campus placement is known to be of paramount importance in the recruitment process of students. It is the one-stop-shop for a student to exhibit their skills and potential to reputed companies and prospective employers. Therefore, before applying to the Best College for MBA in India one must have to be mindful of the placement records and recruitment events in order to secure his/her MBA journey. The placement cell of a college is known to be one of the most powerful tools that the college owns for securing the future of its students. If the college has a strong placement cell that has the ability to place students in reputed companies, then that specific college is the best choice.

Best Dehradun MBA College

  1. Internship

Several Best college in Dehradun for MBA in marketing offers their students with rich corporate exposure and a chance to work with companies on an internship basis. There are several instances where interns have been hired by the company for permanent employment because of their good performance during their internship period. Students must look out for the colleges that offer internship programs in reputed and well-established companies.

  1. Alumni Pool & Feedback

For a college having vast alumni, the pool is not sufficient but it needs to have a pool that has a higher reach. Alumni are known to be the main link between the college and the corporate world. With an accessible alumni pool, a college may be able to get placement opportunities for the students. Another important aspect that is related to alumni of a college is the feedback. Before opting for the Best college in Dehradun for MBA in International Business, it’s crucial to go through their alumni feedback as it gives the real picture of the college’s status and its reputation.


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