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Why is the B.Com Honours Degree Course is Better than the B.Com course?

A lot of times students get confused between the two degrees i.e. B.Com Hons and the B.Com course from the Best B.Com Honours Degree college in Dehradun. Both of these courses introduce and teach subjects that essentially make up the commerce stream in a structured curriculum based on a full-time study for three years but with differences that would astonish the mind. An individual’s final choice of choosing the course may not be considered to be a big deal at present but it surely plays a great role when it comes to job opportunities and the final pay package later on in life.

Both the undergraduate degrees take the same time amount of 3 years to be completed, and the syllabus of both these programs is also almost the same. However, what makes the B.Com Hons program of the Best (Hons.) College in Uttarakhand better than a B.Com course is that the former offers an in-depth and rigorous study curriculum. The B.Com (Hons) course imparts greater professional depth and employable skills.

Let’s take a look at some of the solid reasons that state why a B.Com Honours degree is better than a B.Com course.


Students who wish to pursue a B.Com course tend to have a study program which has an overview of all the subjects in the course field. Although, the subjects that are taught to students in both these programs are almost the same. But, students who pursue a degree in B.Com are not entitled to get a specialisation in a specific subject unlike for those students who are pursuing the degree of B.Com(Hons) from the Best B.Com (Hons.) college in India. One of the major benefits of enrolling in a B.Com his degree is that the final year students can choose to specialise in a particular subject that may include accounting, finance, economics etc.


A B.Com course is a program that has a structured course which is designed to make students familiar with the various aspects of the business world. This course just allows students to learn about how business and trading is done. Whereas, a B.Com (Hons) degree from the Best B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun offers the students with a business-oriented course structure that is designed to develop students business skills and provide them with an in-depth knowledge of the field. Students who wish to pursue their career in Chartered Accountancy, a B.Com Hons course is what they should be looking for.

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The B.Com Hons course demands higher cut-offs than a normal B.Com course. The admission process for both the courses is done on the basis of the candidates class 12th board results. In some of the reputed colleges and universities, B.Com (Hons) is a very sought after course and the cut-offs increase each year.


A B.Com course doesn’t have a very high market value unless and until a student opts for some other business courses like an MBA or an M.Com. Whereas, being a specialisation course, a B.Com Hons degree from the Best (Hons.) College in Uttarakhand offers better opportunities and good packages. It is one of the highly valued programs in the business industry.


Students have several job options after completing a degree in B.Com but the salary packages offered after this course aren’t very lucrative. Whereas, for those who have graduated from a B.Com (Hons) course from the Best B.Com (Hons.) college in India have a quite good salary package offerings. Since the course is highly valued by industry officials, fresh graduates can expect a good salary at entry-level jobs.

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