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What is the Benefit of B.Com (Hons.) Degree?

B. Com (Hons.) or Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) is a three-year undergraduate program that is a lucrative career option for most of the students especially commerce students. Having completed schooling, students often get confused between the choices of courses to choose from. For commerce students, pursuing B. Com (Hons.) is highly recommended for it offers many opportunities and benefits. Also, selecting a good college to pursue an undergraduate degree is very important. Tula’s Institute is the best B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun where students from across the country and even neighbouring counties enrol themselves to pursue this three-year course.

A B. Com (Hons.) degree is structured to provide the students with managerial skills in disciplines related to commerce. Also, after the completion of this course, students acquire in-depth knowledge of core subjects like accounting, law, statistics, finance, marketing, to name a few. Pursuing B. Com (Hons.) from a top B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun can offer you a plethora of benefits. Let us discuss some of the benefits of B. Com (Hons.) Degree:

1) Specialisation in a subject: Both B. Com and B. Com (Hons.) offer similar subjects but B. Com (Hons.) has an advantage of specialising in a particular subject. The students in their final year can choose from subjects like accounting, finance, economics etc. to specialise in and get an in-depth knowledge of the same.

2) Higher Salary: With specialisation and in-depth knowledge in a particular course, a B. Com (Hons.) degree holder gets better jobs and a higher salary package than a candidate with B. Com degree. B. Com (Hons.) is highly valued in the business industry. The salary package also depends on the college you have graduated from. Tula’s Institute is a top B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun that offers placement in globally renowned organisations.

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3) Entrepreneurship Skills: Having pursued B. Com (Hons.) not only gives you an in-depth knowledge of certain subjects but also teaches you shrewd observation, risk management and smart decision making. A student who is inclined towards starting a start-up company or a student who aspires to be an entrepreneur should take the first step towards their goal by pursuing B. Com (Hons.) from Tula’s International, the best B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun.

4) Higher Job Profile Roles: Where a candidate with B. Com degree gets jobs at the associate and executive level, candidates with B. Com (Hons.) degree get jobs at managerial and team leader levels. B. Com (Hons.) degree gives you persistence, determination, intellectual prowess, and the ability to handle challenging environments all of which are sought-after qualities for individuals filling manager and director positions. An employee who has demonstrated success in a long-term situation that requires stamina, discipline, leadership, and the ability to work well with others is going to be in line for growth opportunities within his or her organization.

To enjoy career stability with higher salary package, it is important to pursue B. Com (Hons.) from a top B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun. Tula’s Institute is one of the most renowned colleges of North India with the best faculty in Uttarakhand. Affiliated to Sri Dev Suman University, Uttarakhand, Tula’s Institute has been recognized as ‘Institute with Best Placement‘ with campus placement in more than 650 companies. Students get a chance to secure a job before they complete their graduation. The top recruiters at Tula’s Institute are – Microsoft, D-Link, Redhat, Bentley, etc. This help students and faculty gain an international perspective in their chosen field of study.

Tula’s Institute is the best B.Com (Hons.) college in Dehradun. It offers a beautiful campus cradled in the foothills of the Himalayas away from the chaos of the city. The institute promotes a healthy campus life with prolific faculty who impart education to students with regular seminars and guest lectures to give them better exposure.
A student holding a B. Com (Hons.) degree is well prepared to sustain as a corporate employee or as an entrepreneur. The student has adequate knowledge of adapting to the changes in the flexible business world, can focus internationally and has an in-depth understanding of the business world’s market-relevant aspects. Tula’s Institute opens various doors of opportunities and employment for students who wish to B. Com (Hons.) as their career.

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