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What Are The Scope And Career Prospects of BCA Course?

The information technology industry is one of the significant job providers in India as well as abroad, thus increasing the demand for IT professionals significantly. Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the most popular career options in the IT sector. The course gives the student an undergraduate academic degree in computer application. This program provides a substantial academic base for an advanced career in computer application. The BCA Degree course at the Best BCA College in Dehradun is committed to training the students in developing, programming and networking. This course is best suitable for those individuals who are hardworking and are always ready to learn new things. This course establishes sound knowledge in prime areas of computer science and industrial computing. It required analysis and synthesis is also done which is involved in computer and information systems and computer applications.

A degree in Bachelor’s in Computer Application will help an individual in getting a good job which will help in letting one’s career in the IT industry be a good start. BCA degree holders can apply for job roles in various IT segments including business process management, software services, engineering services and computer hardware. One can even apply into businesses that are associated in IT and ITES segments both in the private and public sector. The BCA degree will also help one in applying for jobs in companies and organisations that are involved in other commercial sectors including banking, energy, telecommunications, and engineering. Since the demand of IT professionals is mainly to run the crucial automation in almost all the firms; be it MNC’s or small corporate houses, the chances of getting into an entry-level position within a short period of completing your BCA Course in Dehradun is also very high.

Some of the popular career prospects of BCA are:

  • With the successful completion of the course, an individual is capable enough to get an entry-level job in the IT industry or ITES.

  • BCA graduates from Best BCA College in Dehradun can also start their career as programmers.

  • They can even apply for job roles like Software Development & Design in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Wipro, Infosys etc.

  • One can also have a job role of a system administrator in multinational firms including Citibank, HLL, P & G etc.

  • One can even do training & development in firms like Cisco and NIIT

The scope of BCA largely depends on the kind of exposure a student receives while studying the course from one of the best Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA Colleges in Dehradun. The faculty who teaches the program also plays an essential role in helping one make the most of this degree. Thus, pursuing a course like BCA can provide a student with vast exposure and a degree that can help one embark on their career journey in the IT sector.

But one should also note that obtaining a graduation degree in BCA Course in Dehradun isn’t enough to compel the employers to hire you. The candidate must be open towards learning new skills and grabbing opportunities coming in his/her way. The graduates of BCA course have a good scope in jobs for the role of an Information security professional, software engineer, web developer and designer, network administrator, system manager, computer programmer, database management professional, software developer and tester among others depending on the skills that an individual acquires during the course. Recruitment for BCA graduates can also take place in the public sector or government organisations that include the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and India Navy who hire several computer professionals for their IT department. A BCA degree offers a student to work in software industries right away after graduation. This is because it helps the student to develop programming skills, which can offer him/her a high paying job in the positions of software developer among others. If the BCA student has a deep knowledge of softwares like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and other publishing tools, then he/she can join the printing press firms which includes the leading newspaper agencies. Students who have good knowledge and skill in programming and programming languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, and Perl can study for careers in the IT industry with web development as the foundation.

The demand for BCA graduates from Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA Colleges in Dehradun is increasing day by day with the rapid growth of the IT industries. After getting a degree in BCA, there are multiple options of jobs accessible both in government and private sectors. Thus undoubtedly, BCA is considered as one of the best educational courses that students can pursue as there are an adequate amount of job and career opportunities for students.

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