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What are the Benefits of choosing BJMC as your career?

BJMC or Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year lucrative and structured course that gives you an in-depth knowledge of journalism and media. This three-year course has gained massive popularity in the last one decade due to the constantly changing world dynamics and with the new digital India concept where everything including films, news, social media and technology are constantly evolving. Uttarakhand is famous for many good schools and colleges due to its capital Dehradun that is also the education capital of India. Due to low cost of living and excellent scholars and academicians and top-notch education, students from all walks of life, even students from neighbouring countries enrol themselves at Tula’s Institute, the best BJMC college in Uttarakhand.

Affiliated to Sri Dev Suman University, Tula’s Institute is one of the best colleges in North India and top BJMC college in Uttarakhand. The college has the best faculty members on its panels with a campus that is built with state-of-the-art amenities. Tula’s Institute is a private college and so it offers an education with placements in more than 650 companies. The college has invested a huge amount in promoting digital education and practical implication of theoretical knowledge.

Here are some of the benefits that a candidate with graduation in Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication get:

• Several jobs open for students with a BJMC degree. Proof-reading, content developing, editing and reporting are some of the main streams that BJMC offers. After completing the BJMC course along with the journalism skills and abilities, students can get a job at the above-mentioned levels. Students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication have great demand in the market.

• Due to increased demand, the salary package of candidates with BJMC degree is usually higher. A fresher with BJMC background can get a job with a starting salary at INR 25000 per month.

• There is a plethora of job profiles that open up for BJMC students. To name a few – journalist, columnist, reporter, feature writer, illustrator, tv correspondent, radio jockey, actor, video jockey, photojournalist, public relations officer and the list goes on. Candidates who get a job in BJMC profile never get hit with monotony. Where technology and media are continuously evolving, these candidates always get to learn something new and are not caught up with the same routine on a daily basis.

• This course does not require a very high percentage after class 12th. A student who is not that inclined towards science and commerce can also apply for the same with 50 to 60 per cent marks in class 12th.

• A person in BJMC field has a very strong sense of networking. A BJMC degree-holder can choose to work for advertising agencies, broadcast companies, public relation firms, news agencies, photography organisations, TV channels, newspapers, radio telecast companies, journals, and so on. This helps them meet new people and so their network and communication skills are commendable.

• BJMC makes you travel and see beyond books. Since the nature of this field is to inform the people about the happenings around the world, that too in a matter of few seconds of its occurrence makes it a point that you’ll always stay alert and updated about the various happenings. Besides your learning in BJMC will also take place outside the classroom. The media department is always ready for the move. Not only will you get to see the new places but also learn various new things.

• If you happen to be an artistic person then BJMC Course is precisely what you must opt for a brilliant career forward. The media business remains in high needs for characters who are imaginative plus can come up including content which is unconventional and different. Your creativity can be executed in the expert area to make money!

top BJMC college in Uttarakhand

Tula’s Institute, the best BJMC college in Uttarakhand provides state-of-the-art newsroom fully equipped with most hi-tech media equipment including teleprompters, audio-video monitors, HD cameras for students to practice and learn with practical demonstrations. There is also a proper newsroom for students to get the correct exposure to electronic media and mass communication. A community radio station with the on-air studio, production and video rooms are also available at the Tula’s Institute.

For Mass Communication students, Tula’s Institute, the top BJMC college in Uttarakhand conducts annual Dehradun Film Festivals where students meet and interact with filmmakers, actors, directors and people related to the film industry. This gives them exposure and helps them to know about film making, scriptwriting, acting and a lot of things that fascinate them. Tula’s Institute leaves no stone unturned in helping students to fulfil their dreams in every possible way.

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