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Top 7 skills you need to learn about bjmc as a career options.

Wanting to have a successful career in Mass Communication and Journalism? If yes, it’s very crucial to manifest a certain set of skills in this field which will help an individual to succeed. Although some of the skills are inborn there are quite a few that one has to learn and acquire during their course journey at the Best BJMC College in Dehradun. Bachelor’s of Journalism and Mass Communication comprises various media-based subjects that teach the students about various aspects of journalism and mass communication along with the various skills that are associated with it.

Let’s take a look at the top seven skills that one must possess when wanting to have a successful career in this field.

1. Good Communication Skills:

This is one of the foremost and crucial skills that is required in this field. The BJMC course at the Best BJMC College in Uttarakhand teaches the students how to be good in oral and verbal communication. This skill gives an individual the right confidence and the platform to speak on several topics in a persuasive manner. The added advantage to this skill is that an individual improves his/her public speaking, which is an important part of journalism and mass communication. The potential of a journalist to communicate well helps in connecting with the audience and thus enables them to put forward their point of view. Spoken words are extremely important when it comes to journalism roles like reporter, anchor, reporter or a voiceover artist. Written communication and the ability to put it well on paper is a significant skill that broadcast journalists must have or develop, since their job involves a lot of research, writing, forming of scripts, content drafting and editing.

2. Writing at the Best BJMC College in India:

Writing isn’t just about having a good command over grammar. In fact, it is more about how an individual puts his/her point or outlook across the audience. It’s very important how a person writes and whether or not it resonated with the audience. Good writing is one where the audience should understand the mentioned point of view. The written words must be concise and to the point. Keeping that in mind, this particular writing skill makes students learn about the various writing guidelines that will help them to communicate their thoughts well.

3. Reporting:

Aspiring students who are really looking forward to making their career in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication in India must have a knack for reporting. This particular set of skills is of utmost importance. An individual can be asked to visit various places to cover major events or happenings. Some of these events can be pre-planned or be on the spot. Either way, one has to be prepared to report it. Since you will be the source of information to your viewers, you will have to make sure to get your facts right while being concise in your flow of speech. The BJMC course allows one to learn such reporting skills by conducting various workshops for students where they are taught on how to report a certain event.

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4. Production:

Another important skill that the Best BJMC College in Dehradun teaches is about print production and radio production that is mainly behind-the-scenes. Here an individual gets to learn about how the delivery of newspapers is supervised and organised, as well as how radio producers handle a show live on air. It is said that the content that is driven by visuals is what works well. So understanding and learning the craft of filmmaking, taking pictures, shooting, editing and adorning video content with text, graphics and audio is pivotal to gain the superiority in the industry as an individual or as an aspiring journalist.

5. Problem-Solving and Decision Making:

A course in BJMC from the Best BJMC College in Uttarakhand will allow one to be resourceful and creative in solving problems. It also helps in making crucial decisions by learning how to effectively make the right decisions while being in pressure. In a field like journalism where there is constant pressure to deliver news as fast as possible, this particular skill comes in very handy.

6. Research and Attention to Detail:

Journalism and mass communication is one such field which requires a lot of research and attention to detail. News reports are expected to carry a certain sense of credibility, and this can only come from extensive research. There is a lot of competition for popular or current topics in the news market, and thus the broadcast journalists just cannot afford to be one step behind the line. The Best BJMC College in India makes sure to enrich their students with this skill set.

7. Digital literacy:

Now that the world is driven by digital technology, it has become essential for today’s journalists to have a strong command over things like social media, apps, websites, tablets, smartphones, laptops or any other broadcast mediums. Digital literacy is vital today and will become even more important in the near future as a large set of audience is shifting from print journalism to broadcast journalism. Therefore it takes an hour to have a great command over digital technology at the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication in India.

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