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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue BBA before MBA

The demand for an MBA program over the last one decade has sky-rocketed where thousands of students from all fields of education, be it science, commerce or arts enrol themselves in the MBA program to secure their future with handsome salary packages and high-profile jobs in the corporate world. Most of the students in MBA programs are BBA graduates. It is an added advantage if you pursue BBA before MBA. Many students from Tula’s Institute Dehradun, a top college in Uttarakhand for BBA opt for MBA after their graduation. This two-year course is an investment with lifetime benefits.

Here are the top five reasons why you should pursue BBA admission in India before MBA:

    • Management requires intensive skill and knowledge. BBA lays a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue an MBA since BBA gives them an intensive knowledge of management principals and basics of business administration. Colleges in India for BBA like Tula’s Institute Dehradun designs the curriculum in a way that adds advantage for students who aspire to have an MBA degree later.
    • Another impediment that MBA aspirants face while opting for management studies at the Master’s degree level is the challenge of choosing a specialization. MBA students who do not have an MBA degree can make a mistake of choosing a wrong specialization on the assumption of market trends. Whereas students with an MBA degree do not face such challenges.
    • If an MBA aspirant has pursued graduation in BBA, entry for them in the corporate world is easier. An important criterion that most of the corporate and business organisations at the time of recruitment notice in a candidate is their knowledge of management education. An MBA degree holder who has a BBA degree holds an advantage here because BBA offers in-depth knowledge of the business world and management.

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  • Practical knowledge and exposure are very important to get a job in a good company. The curriculum of BBA is planned in a way that students get both theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge of their subject. Over the course of four years, it is very important for students to get internships or entry-level jobs that give them some experience and knowledge of the corporate culture and how challenges are met and processes are streamlined with good management skills.
  • BBA is the first stepping stone that gives students the necessary knowledge and builds its base that is needed to seek an MBA degree. The pedagogy at good BBA colleges is planned in a way that gives students both knowledge of their subjects so that they can choose a specialization and also a BBA degree coupled with an MBA degree can get a candidate excellent jobs at a high level and at good figures.

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Affiliated to Sri Suman Dev University, Tula’s Institute is a top college in Dehradun for BBA and MBA as well. Several students seek a Bachelor in Business Administration and then later pursue an MBA. The college is ranked number 1 in Uttarakhand for faculty and placements.

Tula’s Institute offers MBA in the following specializations:

Graduation in BBA coupled with post-graduation in MBA is a rewarding investment that gives you value for every dime that you spend. Tula’s Institute Dehradun is known to develop distinguished professional with knowledge and skill where my students enrol themselves for BBA admission in Uttarakhand. The college also offers placement in 650 plus companies some of which are globally renowned like Microsoft, HCL, Amazon, etc.

Life at Tula’s Institute Dehradun is an experience in itself. The college promotes an excellent campus life with a well-planned fee structure that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Tula’s Institute offers a healthy and harmonious environment. The college is built with state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the modern amenities including comfortable hostels.

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