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Top 5 Reasons to study B.Sc. Agriculture in India

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B.Sc. Agriculture is a four-year undergraduate course program that gives a candidate the knowledge and skills to become an Agri-preneur. It is a course that offers great potential in the current times and has a very bright future for the coming generations too. With the crisis in the agricultural sector and massive use of adulteration and toxic methods of farming, a person who seeks admission in B.Sc. Agriculture becomes aware of the latest development and evolution in the field of the agricultural sector.

Tula’s Institute Dehradun, a top private B.Sc. Agriculture college in India offers this course where students from both India and neighbouring countries enrol themselves to study and to gain knowledge in this field of science. Affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University and approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Tula’s Institute Dehradun offers professional job-oriented B.Sc. degree in Agriculture and Forestry.

B.Sc. Agriculture in India

Let us discuss the reasons why students should pursue this course in India:

1. Our economy is majorly dependent on the agricultural sector. In the times of 2020, where Indian economy is constantly low and the overpopulation has barely left cultivable land in a healthy state, pursuing this course will help the candidates to acquire the skill and knowledge to make the optimum utilisation of this limited land with maximum output.

2. The land for farming remains limited while the population is constantly increasing and the quality of soil is depleting. The inorganic manure and pesticides degrade the soil quality further. Seeking admission in B.Sc. Agriculture will make students develop healthy and organic methods of farming to produce more output while maintaining the quality of the soil and not wasting the limited resources.

3. With constantly changing dynamics, where other industries are shutting down or facing losses, the agricultural sector can never face downfall because food is the basic need for human existence and survival. Feeding the people will never face recession and so with better technology and knowledge, we can bring about multiple changes and improvement in the farming technique.

4. This course holds importance both in India and abroad. Pursuing this course can get you a job that pays well and also give you job stability since there are not many people in this stream unlike B. Tech and MBA candidates that fall prey to the scarcity of jobs.

5. A landlord or a landowner in a rural area can become a successful Agri-preneur and make a massive amount of money with healthy and organic farming techniques. With given resources and knowledge, pursuing this course will be of extreme benefit to the candidate.

top private B.Sc. Agriculture college in India

Any student who has had science subjects in class 12th can pursue this course from Tula’s Institute Dehradun, a top private B.Sc. Agriculture college in India. Over four years, the student will acquire knowledge of agronomy, soil sciences, horticulture (fruit science & vegetable), plant breeding and genetics, entomology, plant pathology, animal sciences, extension education, plant biochemistry, agriculture economics, basics of biotechnology, etc. The syllabus is as per the guidelines of ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture Research) and is designed to train students to understand ways of improving the crop production sustainably and to provide overall knowledge related to agriculture and related disciplines. Students who seek admission in B.Sc. Agriculture find jobs in both private and government options. Some of the career options for them are:

  • Agriculture Research Scientist
  • Subject Matter Specialist in different Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)
  • Extension Officer
  • Field Officer
  • Agriculture Officer
  • Farm Manager
  • Plantation Manager
  • Research Officer
  • Officer in Quality Assurance in Related Fields
  • Agriculture Loan Officer in Banks
  • Production Manager
  • Operations Manager in Fertilizer Units
  • Business Development Manager
  • Food Processing Units in Government
  • Agri-Preneurship· and, last but not the least Seed Technologies Firm etc.

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