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How Online Education is helpful for B.Tech Students?


With the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, all schools, colleges, and educational organizations suspended their regular classes and shifted to online learning. With the cases rising up every day, resuming regular classes has become risky and dangerous for all and thus what came in handy for all is online learning. The aim of shifting towards online learning was to prevent the jeopardizing of the academic year of students and make learning a continuous process. In the article, we will share some insights on how online education is playing a key role in giving knowledge to students of top colleges for in Dehradun. Let’s get to know more about how it is helpful for the students.

In such bad times, the biggest challenge faced by educational institutes was to continue studies online by creating a virtual learning setup where all the students in a class can attend a lecture hosted by a teacher at the same time. For B.Tech students, colleges have come up with solutions to hold online classes wherein live interactive online classes are conducted. Such live classes motivate the students to study as per the syllabus being taught by the teachers and still in between they can manage to do their other chores. For technical students, all hardware-based labs are taught by a video presentation of the equipment and the software-based labs don’t feel any different as the content is screen shared with all the students.

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The classes conducted online by the top private College in Dehradun are also recorded on a daily basis which can be accessed later at any time by the students to prepare for the examinations. Although learning practical concepts might be hard, students are trying to learn as much as they can from these online classes. Despite several issues and challenges, the teachers are trying their level best to make the students understand each concept in depth. Many teachers are also using visual aids like presentations and short videos as one of several ways to help students stay motivated during this period. Such tools might be helpful for students to engage in while preparing for their final exams.

Top College for in Dehradun which has moved to online education has a smooth functioning post Covid-19 pandemic. We believe online learning has a lot of potential in imparting education efficiently. Several educational organizations are asking their faculty members to make availability of study material online in different formats and also prepare lecture videos. Teachers are also assessing the students online by conducting tests and quizzes. B Tech which is considered to be one of the longest courses involving theory and practical wherein theory can be done online and practical with a social distance objective is to earn a degree and knowledge which can be implemented at the time of working and this is possible with online education too.

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Online learning now has a lot of potential and even though it has been shoved into the spotlight under unfortunate circumstances, it is time that educational institutions utilise this medium effectively.

Since going online with education learning is the need of the hour, below mentioned are some of its benefits.

  • Online learning saves a lot of time as well as money wherein students are required to sit at one place and access learning from either their laptops/desktops or mobile phones.
  • Online learning can be accessed from the comfort of any place that the student wants. He/she can study from any place which has good network connectivity.
  • As the online lectures are recorded, the students have an opportunity to access them as many times as they want.
  • Online learning also offers access to updated content to students.
  • Lessons delivered online are quick and efficient

Even though online education has a lot of benefits to offer, it just cannot replace the collaborative and educational learning skills provided by classroom learning at the top private College in Dehradun specially for engineering students. Classroom teaching helps them to conduct practicals in the lab using various tools and equipment. Such experiences play a very significant role in shaping students’ communication and concentration skills, along with growing and maturing emotionally.


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