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About B.Sc Agriculture

B.Sc. Agriculture is a four-year agriculture course, affiliated to Sri Dev Suman University, Uttarakhand. The course comprises 8 semesters. The progress of the students is monitored semester wise through two sessional exams (Internal) and then End Semester Exam conducted by the University. Tula’s Institute is recognised as the best B.Sc. agriculture college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


  • To evolve as globally renowned education centre promoting technology and entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture and forestry.


  • To promote agribusiness among the graduates and farmers.
  • To promote innovation in the field of agroforestry.
  • Enhancing the integrity, sustainability and health of the forests and related biotic communities.
  • Create awareness for social, historical, ethical, cultural and human values.
  • To provide relevant education to the students in Agriculture, Processing and allied sciences.

Choose The Tula’s Experience

  1. Produce successful professional having careers in industry, government & academia.
  2. To develop the individuals as active members ready to serve the society regionally, nationally and internationally.
  3. To adopt and developed ethical attitude and exhibit effective skills in communication, management, teamwork and leadership qualities.
  1. Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern tools and software for prediction and forecast of outcomes based on agricultural sciences
  2. To identify and review, formulate and analyse problems in various sectors of Agriculture & Forestry.
  3. Design Solutions of various problems found in farming system with due consideration of farmers health and safety.
  4. To develop scientific aptitude which is beneficial for the society.
  5. To develop communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking etc which will help in expressing ideas and views clearly & effectively.
  6. Function effectively as an individual and as a member for leader in diverse organizations.
  7. Recognize the need for, and have the preparation & ability to engage in independent & lifelong learning in the broadest context of technological & professional changes
  1. Students make use of digital and farm technology to build models for enhancing farming industry.
  2. An ability to apply the acquired skills and knowledge to experiment, innovate and demonstrate sustainable agricultural practices at grass root level for rural upliftment.
  3. Students develop entrepreneurial skills by applying knowledge gained through participation in workshops and start-up boot camps.


India is an agrarian country and one of the biggest producers and exporters of agricultural products. Nowadays Indian Government is focusing more on the agricultural output and encouraging the farmers by granting them aids and loans at a cheaper interest rate. Today, the Indian agriculture sector has globalized and the idea of integrating Indian agriculture with the world economy is getting support. India has enormous potential as an exporter of agricultural commodities ranging from mushrooms to flowers, spices, cereals, oilseeds and vegetables. The spurt in Government support for export of agri-products has evoked considerable interest among the large business houses which have worked out agreements for technology transfer, marketing tie-ups, management and trading contacts with leading foreign counterparts. India is also a leading exporter of roses, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums, jasmine and other tropical plants and flowers are other tropical plants and flowers are touching new heights.

B.Sc. Agriculture is a 4-year undergraduate course which focuses on the science of Agriculture. The course is aimed at using biology, technology, and agricultural science to boost agricultural productivity. The course is very different from mainstream courses and combines elements of both Engineering and Science. Uttarakhand is a hub of some of the Top Agriculture Colleges in Dehradun. The beautiful landscapes and valleys are an idle place to study. Tula’s Institute is a top agriculture college in Uttarakhand. Students who pursue this course have a lot of scope in Government jobs. The course mainly concentrates on the subjects like agronomy, plant genetics, land surveying, soil science, entomology, agricultural economics, agriculture engineering, plant pathology, horticulture, agricultural extension, vegetable production, field crop, and livestock production.

The Government is always on a lookout for well-trained professionals in this field. The State Agriculture Departments and Government banks need graduates to fill up Officer level posts. Private job opportunities are also vast in this course as the students can seek jobs at Managerial levels in plantations, as Officers in fertilizer manufacturing firms, agriculture machinery industries, agricultural products marketing firms, food processing units etc. They can join as a Research Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Loan Officer (in Banks), Production Manager, Operations Manager, Farm Manager.


Horticulture, Microbiology, Agronomy, Soil Science, Genetics, Entomology, Pathology, Food Technology, Vegetable Production, Field Crop, Live Stock Production.

Eligibility: A candidate must have cleared 10+2 Science examination with PCB or PCM or PCMB or 10+2 Agriculture.


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