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7 Skills You Should learn in Hons Job Interview [ College ]

The Best (Hons.) College in Dehradun aims to make the students learn the writing and interpretation of books of accounts, be conversant with the financial and economic environment and acquire the management skills required to manage the business. The course allows students to learn about imparting and developing oral and written communication, information technology and statistical skills as well as legal knowledge. The program also intends to advance and instil entrepreneurial skills among the students. Overall this course intends to work on the students to make them more prolific, self-reliant and productive for self and communities benefit.

Below mentioned are some of the most essential skills that one gets to learn in Hons ( College).

1. Numeracy Skills:

A B.Com Hons graduate must possess excellent numeracy skills. Various jobs in fields of finance, data management, taxes and banking consider students aptitude with numbers during the recruitment process. Students of the Best College in Uttarakhand must instil certain skills where they are able to understand and work with numerical and graphical information, draw conclusions, and explain their findings. Therefore it’s important to develop this number-crunching ability by frequently solving all kinds of numerical maths problems.

2. Communication Skills:

Working in a multinational corporation requires one to be a great communicator along with being a good manager. Therefore it’s important for students to possess great communication skills in order to qualify in the specific job roles. A B.Com Hons student of the Best College in India is taught these required skills where he/she is able to manage clients, hold internal team meetings and deliver boardroom presentations. Recruiters assess the communication skills through individuals application form answers, interview questions, along with group work and presentations at assessment centres.

3. Problem-solving Skills:

Another important skill that the students of B.Com Hons must inculcate is the ability to solve problems. The capability to draw out practical, economical, and effective solutions, is expected out of the B.Com Hons graduates. Great problem-solving skills show how well an individual can perform in alternative case scenarios.

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4. Leadership Skills:

The B.Com Hons course at the Best (Hons.) College in Dehradun is designed for those who have the potential to become leaders and be a part of the team that works towards the same goal. As a B.Com Hons graduate, one must possess excellent team management and leadership job skills because this is what the corporate world is about. The organisation’s lookout to hire team players who then eventually turn into great team leaders instead of misfits for the firm.

5. Financial Analysis Skills:

Having a good knowledge of financial analysis is a must for Hons graduate. If an individual is looking to work in corporate finance, IB ( investment banking), and other major fin roles, this is one of the major skills to work on. The B.Com Hons course at the Best (Hons.) College in Uttarakhand will train you in various fin markets such as investment markets, derivative markets, portfolio management etc.

6. Innovative Skills:

Recruiters are always on the hunt for freethinkers with fresh ideas who are going to make an impact. Therefore it’s crucial to have the ability to create or identify new opportunities to develop the business. Several companies lookout for individuals with innovative thinking as a means to embrace change. Thus, B Com Hons graduates in this sector must be capable of having out-of-the-box thinking and should be capable of introducing better ways to do things.

7. Analytical Skills:

An individual must be able to analyse the account data and business data and arrive at an interpretation of such data in a way which will help the superiors to make suitable decisions. Analytical skills include the ability to scrutinise, think critically and find results belonging to a given situation. Interpretation and analysis of data using statistical tools are a must skill that every B.Com Hons graduate must inculcate from the Best (Hons.) College in India.

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