An Amalgamation of technological Giants & Management Kings struggle for Prestige & Prizes in various areas of Technology & Management. Two day of Extreme Extravaganza fully loaded with Entertainment and Competition to test your Physical & Mental Strength in every possible Manner.

Utkrisht is a two day mega event, organized to provide a common platform to students hailing from variety of backgrounds in Engineering & Management to showcase their talent & technical knowledge, with a plethora of numerous technical events like Advaya, Tech/ Management Quiz, App Mania, Code Protocol, Robotics, srijan(Working models), Dexters Lab (Junkyard), Circuit Tackel Genesis, B- Plan, Debate & many more. Utkrisht also promises to provide new challenges to students with events like Ado- Mania, Bridge The Gap, Water Rocket, Roadies, Expersso, Video Commentary Cut- Camera- Action, Criminal Case, Baat Ban Jaye to bring out the creativity & team spirit among them.

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