Sanskriti is a 2Day event which is organised every year. This event has proved to be a platform where students from different colleges showcase their talents in different areas.

Participants can participate in the following categories:

  1. Just Do It – Solo Dance Competition
  2. Floor Wars – the Group Dance Competition
  3. Tango – The Duet Dance Competition
  4. Manchan – The Stage Play Competition
  5. Ramp Walk – The Fashion Show Competition
  6. Rocktave – The Battle of Bands
  7. Standup – The Standup Comedy Competition
  8. Sargam – The Singing Competition

You can even do online registration below.

You can also download our E-Manual for further details and rules of the various event categories.

Free free to call to our co-ordinators for assistance:
Akash Ray: +91 8159975728
Gaurav Sugandh: +91 8449030460
Mukul Mehta: +91 8533846433
Sidhant Gupta: +91 8005253247

Event Category: Just Do It – Solo Dance CompetitionFloor Wars – Group Dance CompetitionTango – Duet Dance CompetitionStylexa – Fashion Show CompetitionExpressO – Standup Comedy CompetitionSargam – Singing Competition