A patent is an exclusive right awarded for an invention, which is a product or a technique that offers an alternative technological solution to a problem or provides a unique way of doing something in general. Technical information concerning the innovation must be submitted to the patent authority in a patent application format in order to get a patent. Patents aren’t simply abstract ideas; they are also extremely useful in everyday life. Patents support the development of breakthroughs and new technology in all fields by rewarding ideas. The details of Patents awarded to our institute are listed below.

Sl. No. Patent Application No. Status of Patent (Published / Granted) Inventor/s Name Title of the Patent
1 201811016653 Published Dr S Suresh Kumar Plant Gene Classification and Functionaltiy Prediction Using Blockchain Technology
Nishant Saxena
Dr. Sumira Malik
Amrita Singh
Minakshi Memoria
2 201811025465 Published Dr S Suresh Kumar Automated Agricultural System and A Method Thereof
Dr Sumira
Dr. Nishant Saxena
Shuchita Saxena
Amrita Singh
Ashish Awasthi
Bablin Singh Huldrom
Awadhesh Kumar Singh
Alok Kumar
Himanshu Suyal
3 201811025466 Published Dr. S Suresh Kumar Force Estimation System for Accurate Movement of Prothetic Limb
Dr. Victor S P
Dr. S Saikumar
Dr. Manoj Kumar
Sunil Semwal
Minakshi Memoria
Dr. Deepak Joshi
4 202011009730 Published Divyanshu Gupta Solar Powered Ventilation System for Automobiles
Saransh Saxena
Yusuf Mustafa Khan
5 202011009729 Published Ankit Saxena, Biometric Based Anti Theft System 
Dr. Nishant Saxena,
Shuchita Saxena
6 337792-001 Published Dr. Nishant Saxena Fire fighting Drone
Shuchita Saxena
Dr. Sunil Semwal
Dr. H.S. Bhadauria
7 337791-001 Published Mr. Saurabh Singh design and development of multipurpose Wheel Chair
Dr. Nishant Saxena
Dr. Sunil Semwal
Mr. Akhil Kumar Prasad
Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal
Anukumar Saini
8 2021102036 Granted Vinay Rishiwal Healthcare Data Exchange using Blockchain based Technology
Sonu Lamba
Pavan Kumar
Pavi Saraswat
Hina Singh
Anupama Sharma
Pramod Kumar
Mano Yadav
Preeti yadav
9 2021101172 Granted Sushma Jaiswal Design and Implementation of Convolution Neural Network on Edge Computing Smart Phone for Human Activity Recognition
Sridevi R.
Srilatha Toomula
Shiv Raj Singh
Tarun Kumar Arora
Pavan Kumar Chaubey
Tarun Jaiswal
Seema Agarwal
A. Sathish
S. Vatchala
10 202011052005 Published Aakanksha Jain Improving the Efficiency of Supply Chain management Using QR Code and Cloud Webservices
Shivam Tiwari
Deepak Dudeja
Dr. Dhowmya Bhatt
Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Dr. M. Madhusudhana Subramanyam
Dr. (Er.) Akshay Bhardwaj
Dr. Pavan Kumar Chaubey
Dr. Nitin Kishore Saxena
Dr. T. C. Manjunath
Dr. Pavithra G.
11 202111033817 Published Sandeep kumar Analysis of the BItcoin cash system an online payment using machine learning
Sachin singh
Pramod Singh
vikrant Singh
12 202111035181 Published Dr. Sachin Kumar Rating Priditction for amazon:Amazon offers product recommrndations based on customer activity using machine learning programming
Mr. Vaibhav Sharma
Mrs. Neeraj Sagar
Mr. Vibhor Sharma
Dr. Sandeep Kumar
Ms. Rashmi Mishra
Ms. Sakshi koli
13 202111045803 Published Mr. Vaibhav Sharma An Iot Based Alert system for safeguarding human eye from HEV light
Ms. Neha Barthwal
Mr. Krishan chandra Mishra
Dr. Sachin Kumar
abhinandan tripathi
Mr. Dheresh soni
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey
14 337244-001 /299 Granted  Dr. Sandip Vijay Design of Wireless Antenna
15 337243-001 / 299 Granted Dr. Sandip Vijay Design of Conformal Antenna
16 202011028547 Published Dr. Sandip Vijay Method For Reducing Energy Consumption In Wireless Sensor Network
17 331101-001 Published Dr. Sandip Vijay Antenna for Wireless
18 202011053002 Published Dr. Sandip Vijay  Modified Optimal Path Programming Algorithm for UAV
19 202111022500 Published Himani Shivaraman Secured Biometric-Based Wi-Fi Cards
Dr. Nishant Saxena
Dr. Raju Kumar
Dr. Meenu
Ashima Gambhir
Dr. Sandip Vijay
20 202211021377 Published Abhishek Chakravorty Vrij Mohan Vidhyarthi Water Filtration System
21 202211021378 Published Mridulata Pant Seed Treatment Device
22 202211021381 Published Bhawana Gahtori Crop Maintenance Device
23 202211021379 Published Dr Sandip Vijay, Dr Raghav Garg Adjustable Soil Segregation Device
24 202211021380 Published Dr Prerana Badoni Shrub Shape Maintenance Device
25 202211021399 Published Pankaj Singh Negi, Anikesh Sharma Automated Seedbed Preparation System
26 202211021401 Published Dr Sandip Vijay Dr Raghav Garg Agricultural Tillage Device
27 202211021402 Published Prabhat Kumar, Dr. Prerana Badoni Plant Growth Management Device
28 202211021398 Published Dr. Sunil Semwal, Piyush Dhuliya, Dr. Tripuresh joshi Courier Management System
29 202211021400 Published Dr Sandip Vijay Balance Training Amusement Device