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S.N.AuthorTitle of Paper
1Dr. Ashwani kharola
ANN based Performance evaluation of Employees
2Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Modeling of Supply Chain Management using Multi Agent Collaboration Engine and Reduction in Bullwhip Effects.
3Dr. Monika Bangari
The role of modified logo in creating brand extension: A semiotic study of whirlpool logo
4Mr. Saurabh Singh
Algorithm for Analysis of Emotion using Body Language
5Dr. Sunil Semwal
Multi point sensing (MPS): A solution for resolving complexity in NIALM applications for Indian domestic consumers
6Ms. Rashmi Mishra
“E-Commerce & amp; Web Services :A review”
7Dr. Himshikha
Comparison of Economics of Poplar-Fodder Crop-Based Agroforestry under Boundary and Block Plantation in Haridwar, North India. Indian journal of Economics and Development
8Ms. Shuchi Johri
A Tree Based Approach for Data Pre-processing and Pattern Matching for Accident Mapping on Road Networks
9Dr. Ashish Bangari
Ohmic-viscous dissipation and slip effects on nanofluid flow over a stretching cylinder with suction/injection
10Mr. Diwaker Pant
Error probability and channel capacity analysis of wireless system over inverse gamma shadowed fading channel with selection diversity
11Mr. Ram Narayan
A Review on Edge detection Technique “Canny Edge Detection”
12Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
Low voltage boosted cmos drivers for various applications
13Dr. Sunil Semwal
Zigbee Transceiver Protocol Based Wireless Sensor Networks for Emergency Response Notification for Indoor Situations
14Dr. Ashwani kharola
A Review of literature to aid in Management and Forecasting of Technology
15Dr. Ashwani kharola
Artificial Neural Networks based Approach for Predicting LVDT Output Characteristics
16Dr. Ashwani kharola
Soft computing technique for control of Ball and Beam system
17Dr. Ashwani kharola
Anti-swing and Position control of Single wheel inverted pendulum robot
18Dr. Ashwani kharola
A PID Based ANFIS Control of Inverted Pendulum on an Inclined Plane (IPIP)
19Dr. Ashwani kharola
A Fuzzy Risk Assessment Model (FRAM) for Risk Management (RM)
20Dr. Ashwani kharola
Neural Fuzzy Control of Ball And Beam System
21Dr. Ashwani kharola
Automated Control and Optimisation of Overhead Cranes
22Dr. Ashwani kharola
Stabilization and Control of Elastic Inverted Pendulum System (EIPS) using Robust Adaptive ANFIS controller
23Dr. Ashwani kharola
A Comparative Study for Position regulation and Anti-swing control of highly non-linear Double Inverted Pendulum (DIP) system using different Soft computing techniques
24Dr. Ashwani kharola
A Comparison Study for Control and Stabilisation of Inverted Pendulum on Inclined Surface using PID and Fuzzy Controllers
25Dr. Ashwani kharola
Ball and beam system control using PID based ANFIS controllers
26Dr. Ashwani kharola
Mathematical Modeling and Performance Comparison of Overhead Cranes using Soft-Computing Techniques
27Dr. Ashwani kharola
Soft computing based adaptive error optimisation for control of nonlinear system.
28Dr. Ashwani kharola
Dynamic Stabilisation of One Wheel Mobile Robot (OWMR): A Soft-Computing Approach
29Dr. Ashwani kharola
Position and Tilt control of Two-Wheeled Robot (TWR): A Neuro-fuzzy approach
30Dr. Ashwani kharola
Control dynamics and simulation of inclined Cart and Pendulum System
31Dr. Ashwani kharola
Position Regulation and Anti-Swing Control of Overhead Gantry Inverted Pendulum (GIP) using different Soft-computing Techniques
32Dr. Ashwani kharola
Development of Fuzzy Logic Model for Project Management Success (PMS)
33Dr. Ashwani kharola
Stabilization of Inverted Pendulum (IP) using two Fuzzy logic controllers (FLC‟s) having nine Linguistic variables
34Dr. Ashwani kharola
Analysis of various Machining parameters of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) on Hard Steels using Copper and Aluminium Electrodes
35Dr. Ashwani kharola
Students Performance Evaluation: A fuzzy logic reasoning approach
36Dr. Sunil Semwal
Microcontroller based speed control of dc geared motor through rs-232 interface with pc
37Dr. Sunil Semwal
Discrete distance and water pit indicator using AVR ATmega8 in electronic travel aid for blind
38Dr. Sunil Semwal
Group control and identification of residential appliances using a nonintrusive method
39Dr. Sunil Semwal
Minutiae Extraction and Pruning Based Fingerprint Identification with Pattern Classification by Radial Basis Function
40Dr. Sunil Semwal
Early Detection of Forest Fire Using Wireless Sensor Network
41Dr. Sunil Semwal
Sensor Network based Enviornmental Monitoring
42Dr. Sunil Semwal
Impedance modeling for classification of flavored green teas
43Dr. Sunil Semwal
Implementation of Green Energy Initiatives in India: Status, Challenges and Solutions
44Dr. Sunil Semwal
BER Simulation and Comparison of OFDM Signal under AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channel
45Dr. Sunil Semwal
Identifying appliances using NIALM with minimum features
46Dr. Monika Bangari
A Structural equation modeling on analysis of Preference advertising in building brand equity
47Dr. Monika Bangari
48Dr. Monika Bangari
Determinants of profitable niche of affiliate marketing in”
49Dr. Monika Bangari
Convergence of motives of higher education : A Study on aspiring students in India
50Dr. Monika Bangari
Exploring indicators for branding higher educational institutions in India
51Dr. Monika Bangari
“Advertising ethics and surrogate advertising practices: An empirical study”
52Dr. Monika Bangari
Digital Marketing and its effect on consumer’s decision making process
53Dr. Monika Bangari
Product positioning through advertisement: A study of LIC products
54Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Software Development Methodology: A Determining Factor for Implementing MIS and E-Learning in Educational Institutes
55Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Effectiveness of Cloud Computing in the Context of Data Storage and Management in Organization and SMEs
56Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Cloud Computing and the Internet Usage, Its Effect on Learning Among Students: A Case of Federal University
57Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Building a Framework for Developing MIS and E-Learning Integration in Education System
58Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Development Agenda Good Governance using MIS and E-Learning Platforms in Developing
59Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Article of Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Digital Image Database
60Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Cloud Computing-A New ERA of Information Technology: Opportunities and Challenges
61Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Online analytical processing (OLAP) Performance appraisal using Map-Reduce and APARQL techniques in big data
62Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Review of Computer-Aided Learning System (Research Article)
63Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Analytical Study of Computer-Aided Learning Systems
64Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
A regression model of traffic noise intensity in metropolitan city using artificial neural networks
65Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Support of Computer-Aided Learning System in Distance Learning
66Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
CS-DTSP: A Model for Dynamic Travelling Salesman (DTSP) Problem
67Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
A Novel Approach to balance the load between nodes of distributed computing
68Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
MASA-DTSP: An Improved Model For Dynamic Traveling Salesman (DTSP) Problem
69Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
EAS-DTSP: An Improved ANT System Model for Dynamic Traveling Salesman (DTSP) Problem
70Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Hop Count And Load Analysis In MANET Using Simulations in MDPF
71Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
A Comparison Review Among GPRS, ALARM And ALERT Security Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
72Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Improving Routing Mobility Based On Random Way Point Mobility Model Using FTP Traffic in MANET
73Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
An Introduction to data mining “The Process of Extracting From Large Data Base.
74Dr. Ashish Bangari
Viscous dissipation and Joule heating influences past a stretching sheet in a porous medium with thermal radiation saturated by silver–water and copper–water nanofluids
75Dr. Ashish Bangari
Influence of viscous dissipation and heat generation/absorption on Ag-water nanofluid flow over a Riga plate with suction
76Dr. Ashish Bangari
Velocity, thermal and concentration slip effects on MHD silver-water nanofluid past a permeable cone with suction/injection and viscous-Ohmic dissipation
77Dr. Ashish Bangari
Numerical study of thermal radiation and suction effects on copper and silver water nanofluids past a vertical Riga plate
78Dr. Ashish Bangari
Impact of Chemical Reaction on Ag-Water Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer Due to an Inclined Stretching Cylinder
79Dr. Ashish Bangari
Numerical investigation of heat transfer of MHD nanofluid over a vertical cone due to viscous-Ohmic dissipation and slip boundary conditions
80Mr. Pradeep Kothiyal
Investigating Effect of Machining Parameters of CNC Milling on Surface Finish by Taguchi Method
81Ms. Suman Pant
“Analytical, Numerical Treatment and Complex Dynamics of Jungck Ishikawa Iteration Scheme Using Different Functions
82Dr. Ashish Bangari
Numerical investigation of nanofluid heat transfer in an inclined stretching cylinder under the influence of suction/injection and viscous dissipation
83Dr. Himshikha
Economics of Poplar based Agroforestry Models Adopted by the Farmers in Haridwar, Uttarakhand
84Ms. Suman Pant
“Complex Dynamics Of Jungck Ishikawa Iterates for Hyperbolic Cosine Function ”
85Dr. Himshikha
Chi2 analysis of economic factors in agroforestry adoption: Which economic factors influence farmers and which do not?
86Dr. Himshikha
Adoption of Agroforestry Practices: Chi Function Approach in Determining Influence of Individual and Social Factors on Farmers’ Decision to Adopt or not to Adopt Agroforestry
87Dr. Himshikha
Grewia optiva (Drumm. Ex Burr) – A Multi-Purpose Tree under Agroforestry in Sub–Tropical Region of Western Himalaya
88Mr. Pradeep Kothiyal
Experimental Investigation Of Machining Parameters Of Cnc Milling On Mrr By Taguchi Method
89Mr. Pradeep Kothiyal
Investigating effects of process variables on MRR in EDM by using Taguchi parameter design approach
90Mr. Pradeep Kothiyal
Methanol Powered Small Wireless Remote Controlled I.C. Engine Driven Car.
91Ms. Suman Pant
“Complex Dynamics for Sierpinski Curve using Jungck Ishikawa Orbit”
92Ms. Suman Pant
“Complex Dynamics of Sine Function using Jungck Ishikawa Iteration”
93Ms. Suman Pant
“New Julia and Mandelbrot Sets for Jungck Ishikawa Iterates”
94Ms. Suman Pant
“Complex Dynamics of Multibrot Sets for Jungck Ishikawa Iteration”
95Mr. Diwaker Pant
Performance analysis of wireless communication system over nonidentical cascaded generalised gamma fading channels
96Mr. Diwaker Pant
Propagation Model for Tree Blockage in Mobile Communication Systems using Uniform Theory of Diffractions
97Mr. Tushar Gupta
Application and Properties of Chicken Feather Fiber (CFF) a Livestock Waste in Composite Material Development
98Mr. Tushar Gupta
Determination and Reduction of Casting Cavity Befalling in CFF Filled Epoxy Based Hybrid Biocomposites
99Mr. Anurag Bahuguna
Alcohol as an Alternative Fuel in I.C. Engine: A Review
100Mr. Vishwajeet Choudhary
Experimental Investigation Of enhanced performance of pin fin heat sink with wings
101Mr. Vishwajeet Choudhary
Heat transfer characteristics through plate pin heat sink with dimples
102Mr. Sandeep Chand Kumain
Noise identification and classification by using deep Convolutional neural network.
103Mr. Sandeep Chand Kumain
Quantifying Salt & Pepper Noise Using Deep CNN.
104Ms. Shuchi Johri
Master-based routing algorithm and communication-based cluster topology for 2D NoC
105Mr. Ram Narayan
A New Generation Wireless Mobile Network -5G
106Mr. Ram Narayan
Challenges for Distance Education Learning
107Mr. Ramnath Panwar
Multipulse AC-DC Converters For Power Quality Improvement In Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drive
108Mr. Ramnath Panwar
Image Database Classification Using Neural Network With Gabor Filter And CBIR Technique
109Mr. Shubham Negi
Organic LED based light sensor for detection of ovarian cancer
110Mr. Shubham Negi
Analytical Modelling and Parameters Extraction of Multilayered OLED
111Mr. Shubham Negi
Characteristic Performance of OLED Based on Hole Injection, Transport and Blocking Layers
112Mr. Shubham Negi
Impact of different layers on performance of OLED
113Mr. Shubham Negi
Navigating Satellite: -A Review
114Mr. Shubham Negi
Video Processing Applications Using IR(Infrared) Image Sequence
115Mr. Shubham Negi
LOW Power 7 Bit Encoder using Pseudo Dynamic CMOS Logics
116Mr. Ankit Saxena
Analysis of the Various Types Of Visual Cryptography Schemes
117Mr. Ankit Saxena
Analysis of the Various Types of Security Attacks In Visual Cryptography
118Mr. Ankit Saxena
Comparison of Various Types of Algorithm for Target Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Network
119Mr. Ramnath Panwar
An overview of zigbee technology and its industrial applications
120Mr. Ankit Saxena
Bespoke Timers in Improved Transmission Control Protocol Model
121Mr. Ankit Saxena
Security for wireless network: A challenging task
122Mr. Ankit Saxena
Various Tehniques Used in Wireless Sensor Network For Data transfer
123Mr. Ankit Saxena
Various Tehniques Used For Emotion Detection From Speech
124Mr. Raj Singh
Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Asan Wetland with Reference to Avian and Molluscan Diversity, Doon Valley (Uttarakhand), India,
125Mr. Sandeep KumarFTP SERVLET
126Mr. Sandeep Kumar
Detecting the Packet Lost Information in AODV using confirmation code concept in MANETS
127Mr. Sandeep Kumar
Implementation and Comparative Study of Mesh AODV and Mesh DSR
128Mr. Sandeep Kumar
Various Techniques used in wireless Sensor Network For Data Transfer
129Ms. Rashmi Mishra
“An Overview of Cryptanalysis on AES”
130Ms. Preeti Raturi
Energy Efficient Routing for Mobile Adhoc Networks based on AODV
131Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
64 bit ripple carry adder using boosted cmos differential logic
132Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
Piezoelectric using vibration energy harvesting used as supply power to electronic devices
133Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
32 bit ripple carry adders using Cmos differential logic
134Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
DC-DC boost converter using adaptive sliding mode control
135Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
Overview of boosted CMOS differential logic and its applications
136Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
DC-DC buck converter using sliding mode control with load of constant power
137Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
MPPT using fuzzy logic control
138Mr. Ankit Saxena
Comparison of Various Types of Attacks on Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Network
139Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
MPPT using type 2 fuzzy logic control
140Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
Ripple carry adders using low voltage boosted CMOS drivers
141Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
High performance FIR filter using boosted CMOS differential logic style
142Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
Fuzzy logic approach of depth control of submarine
143Mr. Sandeep Khantwal
Design of Bessel high order all paas filter

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