Dr. G.G. Garg

Advisor, Alumnus - Collin College, Texas (USA)

Tula’s is a platform for students to get prepared to face the challenges of the corporate world.

The students are made to realize their ambitions. The institution is growing each passing year. Each batch is highly talented and is in tuned to serve the expectation of the corporate sector, society and world at large. We live in a changing world, and in order to understand the changes more deeply, we have a mounting responsibility to understand our very selves.

One of the most effective ways is to engage in continuous learning and taking action on what you learn. I am confident that the learning that you will get by the way of action learning introduced by Tula’s will not only help you to realize your true potential but also will be regarded as the most effective method of learning and development in higher education.

To be successful, students need to feel connected to their college. There are many professional student organizations to join and activities in which to participate. To stay connected, students must participate in at least one college activity. In doing so, you will find friendship and support as you make your way through the rigorous curriculum that leads you to your career goals.

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