Why does NAAC Accreditation make Tulas stand apart?

The NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL’s (NAAC) A+ accreditation stands synonymous with our strong vision of providing quality education to the students and making them ready for a better tomorrow.Tula’s Institution strives to maintain the highest standards in educational processes and outcomes while providing enough curriculum coverage through modern teaching-learning methods.

With a strong guiding team of professionals and faculty members, Tula’s aims to build upon learning resources to help update the element of higher education for its students through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives. We provide a wide range of courses while recognizing the diverse needs of individuals.

With well-equipped laboratories, a modern computer center, spacious and well-furnished classrooms, a seminar hall, library, workshop, and a fully air-conditioned and spacious auditorium, our institute aims to provide excellent infrastructure for academic programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate level. Tula’s creates a perfect blend of academicians, researchers and professionals from both public and private sectors who contribute to the Institute’s academic excellence in the state of Uttarakhand.

Listed below are a few objectives in support of the NAAC accreditation:

  • To assist in the development and stimulation of an academic climate conducive to the correct promotion of high-quality teaching-learning exchange and guided research across the higher education spectrum.
  • To encourage students to acquire increased abilities for the future by fostering an environment of self-identification, awareness, flexibility, and originality.
  • To address the demand of quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes to help guide the students in a collaborative direction.
  • To instill a value-building system in students so that they may strike a good balance between educational procedures and outcomes.
  • To introduce courses that combine knowledge and competency while fostering student-centered learning in a cosmopolitan society, as well as conduct a worldwide exposure.
  • To work with other stakeholders as needed to provide long-term higher education for quality evaluation, promotion, and maintenance.

Tula’s Institution has a reputation for being the top engineering college in Dehradun, with the highest ratings among Uttarakhand’s colleges. With our carefully designed on-campus amenities and high-quality education, we help our students continue their quest for greater success by providing additional recruitment opportunities.

At Tula’s, we encourage our students to amalgamate knowledge with innovation that provides a scope of better learning and creative skills. Our faculty members strive to  provide a curriculum