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India’s First Remote Robotics Lab

India’s First Remote Robotics Lab
India’s First Remote Robotics Lab 2018-11-16T12:41:49+05:30

India’s First Remote Robotics Lab in association with APS Labs Aachen, Germany and Indo Euro-Synchronization

Tula’s Institute Dehradun is India’s first college to have Remote Robotics Lab in association with APS Lab Aachen Germany, Indo-Euro Synchronization and Commsure Knowledge Solutions, which also involves Student Exchange Program and Live Training Projects of Industries. A perfect course to obtain best technological, manufacturing experience on recent advancements in the field of Automation and Industrial Robotics with world class facilities and expert speakers from Academia and Industry.


Indo Euro Synchronization and APS GmbH- European Center for Mechatronics, Germany in association with Indian academic partners provide a unique opportunity for Indian students to experience the cutting edge German Technology in the Industrial Automation Sector. With this opportunity student’s work on various industry oriented tasks. Implemented work is applied on the robots located in Germany. The student tasks are designed by “The European Center for Mechatronics, Germany” according to current market needs. Complete software and hardware support is coordinated under the supervision of German experts.

Execution Partners

APS GmbH- European Center for Mechatronics

APS has been working for more than 30 years in the areas of robotics, sensor technology and information and communication technology. Developed technologies with experienced engineers and technicians from various disciplines with multidisciplinary approaches.

These solutions are provided to the potential clients in cooperation with national and international industrial partners, public authorities and researchers. As addition to that they strongly support students, undergraduate and postgraduate in  their thesis and projects.

Industrial Scenarios for the Remote Robotics Lab

All industrial tasks are executed with an industrial robot from ABB one of the world’s leading supplier operating worldwide in more than 100 countries. The ABB robot has a payload of more than 120 Kg and its arm reaches about 2.5 m. The arm can be accompanied with different tools and is used for different Industrial applications.

  • Automatized Gluing and Pick & Place of a train window operated with a Vacuum Gripper.
  • Automatized Handling and Mounting of a wheel at a car.
  • Robot Palletizing with Vacuum Gripper and identification of packets and handling algorithms.
  • Robot Palletizing with Mechanical Gripper and identification of packets and handling algorithms.
  • Robot Programming and Sensor Control for welding of an exhaust pipe (German luxury brand).


Students pursuing Bachelors and Masters courses in the field of Mechanical, ECE/EEE and Computer Science/Information Technology are eligible for this course.


  • Unique chance to work on Industrial Robots which are located in Germany.
  • Get to know the current automation market needs at academic and industry level.
  • Practical experience of the taste along with software implementation.
  • World recognized certification.
  • Best team will be awarded to participate in research work at Germany.
  • Second best team will be awarded for participation in next Autosol program at Germany.
  • Attraction to numerous Indian Automation Companies.