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Incubation Centre
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The INCUBATION CENTRE was established to encourage the young minds to come up with innovative and creative ideas which can be implemented for the benefit of our society. The talented lot can now plan as well as implement their creative ideas into something really innovative & productive with the support & guidance of expert mentors.

Learning is an evolving process and there are always areas of improvement in the existing systems around us. Using the workshops, laboratories, internet facility & research facilities available at our disposal, valuable & innovative ideas are successfully implemented to modify or enhance the existing systems.


Message from the Chairman – Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain
Some of the concepts connected to innovation in practice have stemmed from the Institute’s innovation insights. “Innovation in our Institute is an absolute key to achieve values like Learning, Practice and Opportunities. We are currently focusing on R&D programs, coming up with larger amount of joint programs across states; we are sharing our innovation research among different disciplines and creating passion and enthusiasm among students to innovate.

Message from the Advisor – Mr. GG Garg
It’s an evolving process where an individual bends a typical aptitude inspired by a new methods, my advice to young innovators is don’t be afraid to experiment, always have a mentor to guide you, take small and precise steps towards your goal, keep an open mind and faith, and never give up.

Message from the Executive Director – Ms. Silky Jain
Continuous Innovation plays a central role in our daily lives.  Considering this, Tula’s Institute has put an Incubation Cell in place. The significant support from our students is acting as a fuel in our innovation cell, this activity is now paying dividends, fostering a new generation of innovators, supporting exciting collaborative projects and delivering future solutions to the marketplace.

Dr. Subir Saha, Founder – Yotto Labs and Head Incubation Centre @ Tula’s Institute Dehradun

Proven track record of Monetization of Innovation through IP generation. Technology leadership through disruptive innovation as well as incremental evolution in many domains of Internet and Telecom Technology – Next Generation Network, VoIP, Security, IMSetc with more than 25 filed and 5 issued patents. Inspirational leadership to transform collective wisdom into fruitful product delivery or service execution for demanding clients. Ability to stand against crowed and lead from the front to drive technology focused decisions. Well known speaker in many technology forums and International research conferences. Well connected with universities through student community as well collaboration with faculties. A Senior IEEE member and an Innovation Activist helping youngsters in to entrepreneurship.

Innovation and IP generation • Software System Architecture • Client Engagement • Carrier Grade High Availability & Scalability • End to end security/privacy analysis / solution • Performance Assessment and Assurance • System Engineering of Complex System • Product Road-mapping and management • Combination of Physics and IT skill • Organizational Technology Brand Ambassador.

Tula’s Institute and the Yotto Labs have ventured into creating a world class incubation/ innovation center. Dr.Subir Saha, as a mentor who has more than 20 years of research and leadership experience have been an inspiration to the young innovators of the Tula’s Institute. Dr.Saha has headed the Research group of Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) at Bangalore, spent around 5 years in Motorola Lab at Bangalore doing research and research management in the domain of Next Generation . Dr.Saha has been the Chief Architect of VoIP group in Hughes Software System (Aricent) in Bangalore. Dr.Saha has to his credit, more than 30 filed and 5 issued patents along with more than a dozen publications in telecom domain in many International Conferences. He is also a well known speaker in many International Conferences and an Innovation Activist who preaches young Indians in innovation through his passionate lectures.

Under this centre, the following innovative projects are undertaken:

1. Electric Toy Gun
2. Toliet Cleaner
3. Car Wind shielding Cleaning
4. Indy Operating System
5. Side Kick
6. Automatic Starter or Green Car
7. Sound Pollution Measurement

We at Tula’s believes that innovation is the mantra for success and innovation is not just thinking big but converting a thoughtful idea in to a marketable product that changes millions life. We believe innovation can happen anywhere and by anybody who decides to pave the challenging road with their grit and merit. So Tula’s has created the incubation centre within its campus. Once again this is another 1st time initiative Tula’s in the whole Uttarkhand. Tula’s roped in industry veteran and successful innovator and incubator Dr. Saha for this. No more boring student project! No more meaningless projects which dies with the end of  exam!

Yes, our students are working to change the life of millions through their “Toilet Cleaning” technology. “Why still use hand to clean the toilet?”, is the their answer to Amir Khan call of end of manual scavenging in any form.

Indy OS is an idea to build an operating system that supports Indian local languages . The OS will be derived from Linux Kernel 2.6. C-DAC has developed one similar operating system ”BOSS” with Indian language support but is using it for their own e-governance in 4 cities. The plan is to make the OS familiar, interactive and small sized.

Then there are teams who would like to leverage the 700 million mobile phones to measure the noise pollution across this country. They believe that Good Karma will help them to make this country a less noisy place or at least let you know where the noise is more or less. Bravo guys! Go get the world in stride.

And then the “Toy Gun” team believe that they can give challenge to the Nerf guns while they will also help the kids know more about technology. Great going guys! Get them!

Then there is this Duo of Derhadun, who believes that car waste hell lot of energy at every start and they are poised to utilize the so-called re-generative braking to mobile the car! Does it sound like getting rid of the 1st gear? May be!

The social networking team is exploring ways to enhance the life of the millions at the bottom of the pyramid by offering them a Local Language version of their Social Communication Platform. My goodness! Dream guys! Dream big.

The mechanical guys are rocking! There is another project which thinking that since the inception of automobile the windshield cleaning technology remains too primitive and too crude and they are determined to disrupt that concept! I bet a million on this.

It is not about the goodness of ideas that is important. It is the collective enthusiasms of the campus which is transforming the ecosystem of passive learner to true Engineers. The “Shlaka” of the day – “We create” . And when hundreds start creating, that is what the revolution Tula’s is driving at. Vande Mataram.