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Spoken  Tutorial Project – Open  Source Software Tutorials – (IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial Project – FOSS)

We feel proud to announce that from this session we are the “Super Resource Center” for the Spoken Tutorial Project – promoted by IIT Bombay spoken Tutorial  in association with Ministry  of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as part of its mission for Education– Information & Communications Technology (ICT).

Foss is a new technology for the students to learn and it is of great help to them. It has something that will make students to meet the demands of current software technologies  by providing free and open source training in different languages as Linux-Ubuntu, C, C++, Java, Netbeans & Python, Scilab, PHP, Mysql, Calc, Python, LaTex, Oscad etc. which will help the students in shaping their bright future.

We would like to inform you that we have successfully organized the 1st workshop of Spoken Tutorial today for (ECE & EEE 2nd Year).

Below are the participant’s details and certificate format got by IIT Bombay.

S.No First Name Last Name Branch
1 Anurag Kumar ECE
2 Sakshi Arya ECE
3 Akansha Sharma ECE
4 Hami Azam ECE
5 Pranav Kumar Jha ECE
6 Navjeet Kumar ECE
7 Bharat Joshi ECE
8 Himanshu Kashyap ECE
9 Varun Rauthan ECE
10 Vishnu Gupta ECE
11 Piyush Kumar ECE
12 Rishav Chaudhary ECE
13 Adarsh Kautiyaal ECE
14 Deboshree Tripura ECE
15 Himanshu Negi ECE
16 Suyansh Sharma ECE
17 Bhavesh Gaur ECE
18 Anil Mahato EEE
19 Rohit Dhiman EEE
20 Anil Kumar EEE
21 Rohit Dhiman EEE
22 Santanu Kumar EEE
23 Dhiraj Kumar EEE
24 Sangam Nayal EEE
25 Deepk Bhisht EEE
26 Baljeet EEE
27 Abhishek Sharma EEE


Certificate of Learning