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Football Match Opening Ceremony

Tula’s Football League commenced on 22nd January, 2021. The opening ceremony was performed by Dr. Nishant Saxena (Dean, academics), Dr. Pawan Kumar Chaubey(Registrar),Mr.Sachin Chaudhary(Chief Proctor) and Mr. Deepak Bhauguna (Senior Marketing Manager).
A total of 8 teams are participating, their names are:
2) 18th boys FC
3) Savage shooter FC
4) Young boy’s FC
5) Oo Maa Goo FC
6) Kingpin FC
7) Nepali FC

The first match was between:
1.Savage shooter FC Vs 18th Boy’s FC
Won by- Savage shooter FC 2-0
Nikior scored 2 goals
Second match of the day was between:
2. Builder FC Vs Mythical Glory FC
Won by- Mythical Glory FC 0-1
Promot scored 1 goal.
Swipe to see the pictures from day 1 and stay tuned for more.

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