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‘Direction determines destination’

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A session on life skills for the students of Tulas Institute was held on Tuesday, November 19 th by
motivational guru: Dr. Raghvendra Swami, Director Admission at Paraagaon Educational
Consultancy. Dr.Swami is a prominent persona of his field, well known for his contributions in
educating the poor. He has addressed more than 100 religious and spiritual congregations in states like
Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.
The convention was held in two different sessions and was very captivating for the students as well as
for the teachers. Dr. Swami indulged with the students more often than not. He told them about the
various learning skills and how these help an individual evolve into a better one; he also put in the
picture how one should be goal oriented and have diverse skills like self management. The
assemblage was very reciprocal as the students took part in Dr. Swami’s activity involving team spirit.
The seminar ended with Dr. Nishant Saxena; Director Tulas Institute, commending Dr. Swami for his
valuable time he gave to Tulas Institute.