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Business analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods.
Analytics is the next big thing that is already starting to transform businesses and their ability to compete by helping them make smarter decisions. Analytics is the new career of choice for those who want to stay ahead. It is among the most well paid .Companies are now beginning to create an extremely important new position called the Chief Analytics Officer! Analytics is one of the best career options today and those who invest in it will be on the fast track to success. And the right time is NOW.
This Certificate in Business Data Analytics is the most comprehensive training program – it is designed based on inputs from the industry. It is designed and developed by practitioners and is delivered by experts. The program includes both – concepts as well as the hands-on skills through assignments and case studies to succeed in an Analytics career.

Digital marketing is rapidly growing force in the current marketing, it is set to be the future of marketing, and trends speaks that digital media will soon replace more traditional forms altogether.
Today a large number of jobs are available to management students in the field of Digital marketing
The certificate course in digital marketing is a comprehensive course covering concept of Digital research planning and advertisement. The course includes Blogging, Copy Writing, Media Planning, Content Writing, Marketing Strategy, Brand Building, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics.

The objective of the course is to present a rational discipline investment philosophy and process for security analysis. Investing is as much art as it is science, and therefore , particular attention is paid in both quantitative and qualitative aspects – including financial statements analysis, valuation methodology and competitive strategy and behavioral finance, respectively.
Students have bright career prospects after the completion of the course, in various fields like in Stock exchanges, Assets Management companies, Multinational banks etc.

Neuro Linguistic Programming looks at the way employee take in and process the information from the world around and the subsequent behavioural patterns that result. It is a tool for modelling excellence and being able to reproduce that excellence in ourselves in order to achieve desired outcomes. In business, NLP provides essential tools in many key areas, including: performance management, change management, multilevel communication,coaching
team building, employee engagement, negotiation, conflict resolution, recruitment, presentation skills, corporate strategy.
This course covers the full NLP Practitioner syllabus in a way specifically tailored to HR professionals. The core NLP skills and processes posses some of the most powerful tools available in understanding people and teams and how to get the best from them.

The course is design to prepare Students to pursue careers in international marketing, export or import trading or other international trade services.

The course covers document of shipments , compliance with customs rules, regulations matters like tariffs, insurance, and quotas, economical packaging, Transportation, warehousing, distribution of goods may and determination of insurance for a shipment.

French is the second most influential language in the world. For those with appropriate French skills, there are possibilities to work as a business manager in the following fields: international business, international agencies, and tourism and hospitality industry .

Those who have highly skilled knowledge of Tally and excel get better than other CA/CS/CMA.
This certification will enhanced your career in the field of Accountancy and Finance Tally Accounts & Finance, taxation.

SAP certification include SAP Nav : the basic navigation and SAP SD – Sales & Distribution/ Human resource management Module/ SAP FI – Financial Accounting:

• Sap Navigation Module

Provides a way to map and maintain the key business processes in an enterprise. It is a window installable that basically provides a graphical view of the solution maps. Used to create, maintain and manage ASAP (and other) roadmaps o ASAP Navigation Tool for Roadmaps. The standard SAP provided roadmaps can be viewed either in Solution Composer or in plain HTML format. o SAP Solution Manager. Used primarily to materialize and store the roadmaps designed.

• SAP SD – Sales & Distribution

This module includes the business processes used to sell and deliver products and services to customers and business partners. Information about the product and customers (both of which are stored in the master data) is used in SD.

• Human resource management Module

SAP HR – Human Resource:: Takes care of payroll, time recording, applicant administration, and organization data. It supports the planning and control of personnel activities. It consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Hire to Retire (or, as some say, Fire) process.

• SAP FI – Financial Accounting

Designed for automated management and external reporting of General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), and Asset Management (AM) with a user-defined chart of accounts.
External reporting, such as income statement and balance sheet represents cost and revenue flows throughout the organization.
Aids in organizational decision making.

The National Stock Exchange’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) is an online testing and certification process. The purpose is to test the practical knowledge and skills that are required to operate in the financial markets. Financial markets and the transactions therein involve high amount of risk and its participants require high level of expertise while dealing in the financial markets.
The financial markets are going to be the turf of certified professionals very soon due to regulatory compulsions and / or initiatives of the industry. By imparting comprehensive knowledge and skill in the chosen field, NCFM enhances career opportunities for NCFM certified persons and required level of expertise to operate in the various segments of the financial markets.
At tulas you will undergo training in four certification considered important ,based on the relevance for your placement .

Summer Internship Program is an attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and academic institutions. At the end of Semester II, students undergo Summer Internship for duration of 2 months.

The institute encourages the learners to horn their skills by applying the college learning’s in the professional world . At the end of Semester III, students are encourage to undergo a winter internship/research project  for duration of one  month.