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MBA – Marketing

( with Finance/HRM/IB)

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MBA – Marketing 2019-05-09T16:54:49+05:30

Effective marketing is one of the key factors that results in deep impact on the growth of any organization. Companies are in search of skilled and confident professionals who can take their products in the market with a positive upshot. With the shift of marketing from physical to digital and online strategies, most of the companies now employ in-house marketing teams that employ online marketing skills to bring in more traffic and customers. Thus, marketing professionals are expected to have thorough knowledge of online and offline marketing tools and strategies so that the needs of employer are satisfied to high extent.

The team of Tula’s Institute has gone through the industry needs and demands. Special care is taken while setting up the curriculum as well as events and activities to ensure that students are provided with enough exposure to the real world activities and can get adequate opportunities to brush up their skills in adherence with the real marketing strategies.

Students are introduced to the real scenario by assigning roles in events and organizing student-client interaction surround. Thus students attain better learning of concepts, principles, and implementations through practical exposure and deep understanding.

If you like taking on a diversified role in an ever-changing landscape, the role of the marketing manager might just be your calling.

While the aim of a management program is to make  CEO / Entrepreneur/ Head of an organization. Earning an MBA in Marketing gives you a path to move advance to positions as sales representatives or brand managers, market researcher to marketing managers or directors, marketing & business development managers.

A salary may start from 4- 5 lacs/annum and would increase to 8-12 lacs if the student horns skills in Digital marketing & Business Data Analytics.