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Research & Development

(Civil Engineering)

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List of papers published by Civil Engineering Department

1. Sudhir Angithi. S.K.Khanna, Vigyan Pragati, 1973 (12) Page 579.

2. Relative performance of Recuperative Domestic stove and conventional stove S.K. Khanna. Research & Industry 1975. Vol.20 no. 1, page 1719.

3. Gobar Gas Plant. S.K.Khanna Science reporter. April 1975, page 186.

4. Use of Diesel in Domestic stove. S.K.Khanna, S.Q. Mehdi and P.N. Bhambi. Indian Journal of Technology) 1978, page 16539-541.

5. Fuel with respect to their intensive value. S.K.Khanna, A.K. Saha Institution of Engineers (INDIA). Vol.64 CH 1 Oct1983.

6. Scope of Petroleum Fuel Conservation in Domestic Appliances. PN Bhambi, AL Arora, K.N.Dobhal, KS Kambo and SK.Khanna, Silver Jubilee workshop of fuel Conservation IIT.Bombay, Dec.1982.

7. Combustion Improvement by Burner Adjustment. K.M.Aggarwal. S.K Khanna. T.N.Singh and PN Bhambi. 8th National conference of I.C. Engine and Combustion, Trivendrum 1983.

8. Performance Characteristics of Industrial Burner. SK Khanna. TN Singh. 1st National Convention of Chemial Engineers. Institution of Engineers (INDIA) Feb.1986.

9. New Concept of Fuels with respect to their intensive value SK.Khanna, AK Saha 1st National Convention of Chemical Engineers, Institution of Engineers, Feb.1986.

10. Submerged Combustion Burner, SK Khanna, XIIth National Conference on I.C Engine and Combustion, IIP, Dehradun, Sept.1992.

11. Better Economy through Energy saving in Reheating furnaces. TN Singh. KM Aggarwal and SK Khanna, XIIth National Conference on I.C.Engine and combustion. Pune. Dec.1995.

12. Recent Development in Small Industrial Burner Technology using Petroleum Fuels, HK Madan, PN Bhambi and SK Khanna, European conference on small Burner Technology, Switzerland, Sept.1996.

13. Separation of asphaltenes and their influence on the Rhealogical properties of some crude oils. SK.Khanna. etal 12th LAWPSP Symposium. IIT, Mumbai. Feb.2-4.2001.

14. Rheological characteristics of some Indian crude oils in relation to their respective components SK Khanna, etal Petroleum & Coal. 43, 2,419-123, Dec.2001.

15. Molecular weight & polydispersity of asphaltic components separated from some Indian crude oils. S.K.Khanna, Etal Petroleum Coal, 44,1-2 Jan,2002.

16. Characterization of asphaltic material present in some Indian crude oils. SK Khanna, Etal National Symposium on advanced Instrumental Methods of Analysis (AIMA-2002) DAV College Dehradun, June 7-8, 2002.

The Civil Engineering Department pays special attention to the research approaches related to Civil Engineering field.
The objectives of Research work are as follows:

  • Enabling students to achieve high points in the research field.
  • Workshops/training programmed to promote research activity.
  • Encourage research by awarding post Doctoral Fellowships/Research Associates/Ph.D.
  • Utilization of sabbatical leave for the pursuit of higher research in premier institutions of National & International.
  • Filing patents national & International level.
  • Projects sponsored by industry & corporate houses. Provide consultancy service.
  • Recognized research work by National/International agencies.
  • Improvement its infrastructure requirements to facilitate research.
  • Selling Information center to cater the needs of researchers.
  • Having specialized research center/workstation on campus & off campus to address the special challenges of research programs.
  • Publication in research Journal of good impact factors an organizing conference.
  • Organize National & International Conferences.
  • Gelling research National & International recognition.
  • Check malpractice & Plagiarism in research.

The various projects undergoing by the students under the guidance of various faculties are as follows:

  • Analysis and Design of Multi-storey Building
  • Design of Trench weir
  • Design and Analysis of Earthquake resistant structures for Earthquake zone-V i.e. Uttrakhand region
  • Estimation and costing project
  • Wastewater System and management studies
  • Design of low weight concrete structure models