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Optional Courses Offered

(Civil Engineering)

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Optional Courses Offered 2018-11-27T11:35:55+05:30
  • There is a provision of elective for students of final year in civil engineering.
  • Students are allowed to select elective subject according to their convenience.
  • There are four elective subjects, which are well known as advance courses in 7th semester of final.
  • There are eight more elective subjects in 8th semester of final year.

List of electives for 7th semester are

  1. Ground water engineering
  2. Hydraulic structure
  3. Digital image processing
  4. Air and water pollution

List of electives for 8th semester are

  1. Hydropower engineering
  2. River engineering
  3. Advance structure design
  4. Construction planning and management
  5. Traffic engineering and management
  6. Advance highway engineering
  7. Environmental impact and risk management
  8. Environmental management and sustainable development
  • Students are allowed to select any two objectives in 7th semester and any four elective subjects in 8th semester.
  • At the end of 5th semester and 7th semester students are allowed to do industrial training which is permitted by college for at least two months time duration.
  • In 7th semester of final year, we also conduct minor project plans and auto CADD classes as their subjects, so that they all have a firm knowledge about the basic courses.
  • In 8th semester of final year ,we conduct major project , which is compulsory for each and every student under a senior assistant professor , in which they have to do practical’s over various sites and have to conduct related tests according to their selected project topic , like earthquake resistant buildings, estimate and costing of residential building, etc.
  • Industrial tour is also organized by the college periodically for the students of civil engineering for practical demonstration under the guides of senior assistant professor.