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7 Best Career Options for BSc. Agriculture Students

BSc in Agriculture is a four-year undergraduate bachelor degree which involves the study of agriculture science, water resource management, use of modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, animal and poultry management, basics of biotechnology among others. The primary objective of this program at the Best BSc. Agriculture Students Collage in Dehradun for Placement is to educate the students about how to improve agriculture productivity, manage products and contribute to future development of the sector through research activities.

A lot of us believe that Agriculture is a field which is only related to farming and crops. What we are not aware of is that Agriculture has grown to a very great extent in modern times. With advanced research and consistent innovations taking place in this sector, the scope of the same has increased tremendously. Agriculture which was only limited to farming has now shifted its role towards Horticulture, Fisheries, Biotechnology, Poultry farming among many more. With all of this coming in, the importance and study of agriculture from the Best BSc. Agriculture College in Uttarakhand has increased and has also opened up several career opportunities for the people who have an interest in the same. Below mentioned are some of the best career options for students who are or are looking to pursue BSc in Agriculture. Let’s have a look at top 7 career options in this segment.

1. Agricultural Engineering:

Agricultural Engineering which has emerged at a very fast rate in the modern market helps in designing, building and improving farming equipment, machinery & manufacturing processes to increase the efficiency of farming activities. If a student of the Best BSc. Agriculture Students College in India wishes to pursue a career in this line as an Agricultural Engineer, he/she can provide consultancy services to various private and government organizations. An Agricultural Engineer helps in assisting in the purchase of the right machinery, structuring of farms, and suggest alternatives to traditional methods and techniques. Also a lot of companies which deal in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery employ people who can work under departments like research, design and maintenance. An agricultural engineer may also work in developing new skills for bioenergy production like biofuel from agricultural waste or soil conservation.

2. Horticulture:

Horticulture is another one of the most desired career options. It is mainly the science of growing and cultivating vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs and trees. People who make horticulture their profession are referred to as Horticulturists. The main aim of Horticulturists is to improve the quality, growth, nutritional value and yield of their produce. With a BSc degree from the Best BSc. Agriculture Students Collage in Dehradun for Placement, an individual can look out for various career options including Floriculturist, Olericulturist, Landscaping, Viticulturist and Pomologist, etc. One can even get into the research field as a Horticulture Scientist and contribute towards the development of modern and innovative methods of cultivation. An individual can also wish to start his/her own horticulture business or nursery and can even grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. for commercial purposes.

3.Agricultural Economics:

Another career option for BSc Agriculture students is to become an Agricultural Economist. The work of the same ranges from working in agricultural banks as Credit Analysts or Agricultural Loan Officers in approving loans to farmers. One can even work as a content writer for several newspapers, journals and magazines. Content writing in this field can vary from the agricultural market works, trends in demand and supply of various agricultural goods, their price behaviour, etc. An individual can also wish to pursue a PhD and become a professor in this field. Apart from this, Agricultural Economists also work with the government to collect and analyse agricultural data and statistics to identify trends and make predictions for the agricultural market.

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4. Agronomy:

If one has an interest in the study of crops and soil, becoming an Agronomist can be a great career option. This field can also allow one to be a Plant or a Soil Scientist and work with the research department of various government-based institutes in order to test the fertility of the soil and conditions suitable for plantation. A pass-out from the Best BSc. Agriculture Students College in Uttarakhand can even work in the production and consulting sector, where one would require to provide advice on the purchase and sale of crops and the trading of agricultural goods, etc. The work role of the same also varies from a District Sales Manager for seed companies, Crop Consultants for agro-based companies, as well as fertilizer and chemical salespersons.

5. Agricultural Biotechnology:

A career in Agricultural Biotechnology can offer an individual with various opportunities to work in pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies along with agro-based manufacturing companies. The primary job role in this sector ranges from a Product Development Scientist, whose main work is to supervise and control the activities related to manufacturing products including seeds, pesticides, insecticides etc. An individual can even work in the research and development department of agro-based companies or institutes and contribute in establishing new processes for improving existing agro products or developing new and better quality goods.

6. Fisheries Science:

Graduates from the Best BSc. Agriculture Students College in India can find career opportunities with state and central government departments, academic institutions and fish farms. Government departments and various industry organizations employ people for positions including Aquaculture Farmer, Hatchery Technician, Biological Science Technician, Fish Research Assistant, etc.

7. Poultry Farming:

Poultry farming is yet another career option for students belonging to this field. One can find jobs in pharmaceutical companies, veterinary hospitals, Hatchery Assistant, feed analysis laboratories as a Poultry Farm Manager, Breeder, Production Technologist, Feeding Technologist, Poultry House Designer, Processing Technologist, etc.

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