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will society

The WILL FOUNDATION is a initiative taken by the students of Tula’s institute to help socially deprived people, with the will to work hard and to overcome adversities and challenges of life faced by the society, WILL’s primary goal is to provide motivational, moral and inspirational support through hands on training, coaching and financial assistance to the underprivileged citizens .

WILL believes in the will to survive and accomplish all tasks, great or small, WILL is present in all of us whether we recognize it or not. If we have the desire to live our life to the fullest, WILL can help you bring the change in the society.

WILL has been actively involved in such practices since October 2011 (Udaan), lately WILL foundation participated in Sanskriti 2011, where the underprivileged children from the neighborhood were given the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and participation in the Institute’s cultural event, This initiative displayed great character and integrity of the foundation for the society.

Tula’s institute was touched by the effort and wished all the best for their future endeavors. The chairman Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain and the executive director Ms. Silky Jain congratulated and encouraged them with a handsome cash reward.