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Student Initiatives

Learning at Tula’s goes way beyond the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills. The drive, initiative and proactive nature of the students finds an expression through varied extracurricular activities and events.

Organizational Activities

The independent bodies of Tula’s form a major part of the student organizational activities in the institute. Each of these organizations is considered to be at the forefront in its respective field and has been asource of inspiration for various similar activities in institutes across the country.

Hostel Committee

The hostel committee is primarily responsible for planning the infrastructure development which includes expansion of the hostel facilities and outdoor games facilities. The committee is divided into three main components and they are Discipline & General Management which takes care of issues relating to discipline among the students, the General Welfare Committee which is responsible for the infrastructure in the hostel and the Mess Committee. The members of these committees are appointed by the warden from year to year from among the students.

Public Relations Committee

The PR committee at Tula’s is mainly involved in developing and managing professional relations between all the external entities. The students in the whole process develop a very high level of communication skills, written and verbal. The students representing the committee must also be very adept at multitasking and time management.

Placement Committee

The placement committee is a team of highly motivated students, mentored by a faculty member, who work towards accomplishing the aim to supervise and provide directions for the final placement and summer internship of the students. In addition, the placement committee plays an instrumental role in developing and sustaining a mutually beneficial long term relationship with the industry.To ensure that every student gets the best of the opportunities the team sets very high standards for itself and strives consistently to surpass them.

Cultural Committee

Committee in charge of conducting cultural events in college and in charge of selecting the university teams for cultural events. The student community look forward to a much needed break after endless hours of hard work and that is where the young dynamic cultural committee at Tula’s helps in organizing various cultural events all year around.


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